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Which topic should I choose for blogging

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There are many people who are a lot confused about what topics should they choose while blogging how to write a blog. Some of them mostly choose the niche(type) of their blog but don't know what topic to discuss and what topic to post about. For eg: Some people choose topic like mobiles phones, thats a  good topic but they are very much confused about the what exactly to post about mobile phones. Some people don't even choose their niche of their blog they are so much confused and what happens is they end up doing nothing.

First I would suggest you to read the post what is blogging. click here

This post gives a view about the blogging world and how it is how does it works and all the basics things required to be known so I suggest you to read it.

Well lets stick to the main topic.

Choose Topic on the basis of users not what you like - If your blog is new and you are bit confused about the things to blog to increase the rank of the blog.
 Here is a simple way
* While creating a blog Choose the topic first
* Consider yourself as a user and consider there are hundred other blogs out there might be posting about the same topic you have chosen.
* So you decide why user will visit your site what he will gain when he visit your site / blog.
   Answer to your own questions.
* The things you need to remember is provide
   Easy navigation i.e shortcuts, scroll to top of page, links which work with one click
   Good theme for your blog : Mostly chose that theme that will work on any browser which are
   fast, which are simple to use, which load faster even with low internet speed, proper colors, neat
   looking and less use of those things which mostly are for design purpose or so.

   Theme play a very important role for your blog.
   Less Advt- try avoiding popups, buttons which will open 2 links in one etc..
   Direct link - don't make fake links, adfly, google links etc.

* Something unique should be there in your post such as post should have images, videos support and such as humor in your post something which will not bore your visitors and keep them alive.

* Every blog survives due to its uniqueness such as post which are small, post with easy language, easy help, fast reply to comments, regular post and etc.

* You ask yourself the post which I am gonna make is it helpful. Can it be easily understood, does visitor need such post like this.. And if answers are yes then you can continue to post about the topic you choose.

Its not a problem that you post whatever you want but its like when you have a good numbers of visitors, good page rank and all. In the start show them you are the best .

* Remember while writing : Start with a fresh mind thinking that your this post will be the best post you have ever done. And see to it that it is perfect.

Post on the Basis of what you want to blog : This method shows the blogger in you, when you decide to write about the things which you want others also to read also makes you more energetic and motivates you to blog more. Sometimes it becomes necessary to blog what you think is good and not for the blog reputation or ranking. So you can blog about the things which you want to share, irrelevant of worrying about the blog more.

Post on the Basis of Facebook Fan Request :
Sometimes your facebook fans or twitter followers also suggest you or they might even ask you to help or solve their questions,doubts after some period of time you understand where people are facing problem and what they want So you can create a good post on it and help your fans and followers. This things helps a lot because they are the only one who keep visiting your blog everytime so it would be a foolish thing if you didn't care about them.

Most of the visitors face the same problems as your fans and followers. So on the basis of it you can gain more extra visitors as you solve their problem easily.

Post on the Basis of your competitors blog:
This is one of the trick which take your rank high from another blog site. First understand who is your competitor, How ? Its easy search Google with your blog topic or post. The website or the blog who are all above your page result all are you major competitors. Learn from their post, try to understand what makes their post so different from others. Read their post even to get a better understanding after making a proper analysis of all the things you can now apply all the things in your own blog , post.

* Remember don't just COPY / PASTE the content google would directly lower down your page in ranking and all your months hard work will be washed away.

Post different from the post going on in the blogging world:
This is the same as you follow the competitor blog in this you visit any blog whether top of you or whether low in your rank. It doesn't matter you have to understand what post are going on in the blogging world what's the buzz around. Just like fashion trend in the world. Well let me give you an example such as the Google Goggles buzz, the new Iphone 5 buzz, Windows 8 buzz this is because my blog deals with technology You decide on the basis of your blog. Post as per the buzz this help to bring visitors till the things becomes more common. The earlier you post the more the visitors

Post about upcoming events and some information about it:
Upcoming events such as launch of new Iphone 5, Google's Goggles New version of Windows etc. All this things brings in more traffic. May be permanent or may be temporary. Bloggers gained more during the SOPA PIPA. Such events help to spread information more quickly. Information also deals with Past event, Contributor (in my case the fathers of modern technology), the people who worked etc . As well with present and future.

Don't worry about your blog ranking The main thing is you have to write from your heart. See to it your blog is 100% perfect and proper. Remove all your laziness start with a fresh mind every time. And sure you will gain a lot in this world. As I keep on saying this so many times Don't lose hope . It is very easy to lose hope with so many competitors arounds. You concentrate on your work and sure visitors will be there to read.
Thats all for this post I know I have told other more things with Topic Because I think you need to understand other thing also so any doubts please comment below and show your support by liking my page and following it.


  1. I posting on my blog regularly But my alexa going down any solution?

    1. Admin : Can you reply me your blogs link...Well there are so many blogs which are created daily..The competition is increasing day by day.. So quality content is much more important.. Let me check your blog and later I can tell more about it



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