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Tricky Tricks complete 2 years and still going.

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      This is one of the best things that I am very proud of that I started something and I am still working on it with all my whole heart.
 There are many things which I decided to do but can't do it some reasons or so..Most of the time the reason was I got bored hence I stop it
But blogging I am loving it a lot. I dont even remember that 2 years have been passed and I am blogging from 2 years well the truth is the same.
So how and where these two years went and what I did in it I am going describe it here.If you are planning to create your own blog then my story will surely help you.

 If you read my post on trickytricks complete one year you will got to know that I started this blog with my friend. I was the admin of this blog and it was decided that he would provide me tricks and I would write them down..You know the typing thing was given to me. So I was totally ok with it and hope it will work as decided.

 In the start things happend as decided and then all the plan came to an end we were like busy in our studies and the tricks were not there to be posted. Well been a commerce student I get more free time as compared to an Science student. Trickytricks was about to close in the start only.

 Then I don't know what happend I just feel good to write down all the tricks and saw that people are visiting my blog and the numbers were good enough. So I was like ok I can continue this and I did so. From that day I was all alone searching for tricks on the internet, simplifying them typing them down, providing images etc all the things which were been necessary .

Even at that time there was no profit or gains in blogging It was seriously like a useless thing. I am blogging and blogging and get nothing in return so my mind sometimes changed too to stop all these things.
And I even did so if you would have been my regular visitor you would seen that trickytricks was closed. But something inside me decided to continue what I use to do.

 There were lot of benefits even such as I increased my typing speed. I improved my English.(well english is not my mother tongue or not even my national language or so) So its like learning some other language and writing things in that language which here is a common thing but if you belong to US or Canada you can try this like learning hindi and making a blog in hindi and using hindi everywhere it would be difficult even. well I learned it and got to learn many new things. And still things are going the same way I do not show any advertisement on my blog so I do not earn any money from here.Kind of like free service.

 But the important thing is I love it.. In my past You all might have seen that I am writing a lot about steve jobs. well I write about only those things which I think is important to know. and the thinking, the words and a person like steve jobs is important to be known by all those specially who are associated with the IT world. seriously

You should only do things which you love or love what you do. What ever you are doing do with all your heart and always think as if you are doing Great work and that motivates me alot.

 For all my friends out there If you are
Planning to create your blog remember the following things:
1. Select your type, category, or the topic on which you are going to blog.
2. Once you select it understand one thing properly there are thousand of bloggers who have chosen the same topic and are blogging since when. It would be like you as a drop in the ocean of professional bloggers. A lot of competition and so.
 3. Don't expect that you will earn something from here. Its not you can not but in the start you get nothing so you have to have patience in you.
4. Give your best in every post you do. your 100% in every post. I also do the same.
5. One of the important things is that dont copy and paste post from other blog to your blog or just dont post videos and images you need to have some text as if to describe or something.It is OK to consider post from other blogs but dont go and copy paste the whole thing.
6.Try to think what will be your next post about and what are the new things which you are going to do.
7. Be proud that you going to be a blogger and be proud of the work you are doing.Its truly a great work.
8. The world for bloggers is very big and in time you will come to know about it I don't think I should tell you the surprise

 In the start everything seem useless or so but don't lose faith you might turn out to be the best blogger in the world who knows. And the most important is whatever you do
Do it alone because other people will be there just to demotivate you and they themselve are not going to do something and their words also will not help you to do anything Basically avoid those people with small thinking and do what you want to do.
 So thats all.
After year I write down my achievement what I have made so here it is this are the things which I did in the whole year.

 First of all
Twinkling stars: Activity Center.
 It has been two years I am working with Twinklings stars and as trickytricks the same it is also growing with time and in the upcoming years it will a huge profit earning activity center I know it is located in mumbai and there are lot of activities which they teach. you can check their page on facebook at

 I Signed in at many websites is a very amazing site to share images, videos, tricks, and photoshop brushes. These website mostly works with art and drawing. If you are an artist or so you must join these site it is truly amazing. I am a photoshopper so it is really nice for me. It includes all types of arts hats off to these site.

Google+ I just checkout google plus truly and it is also amazing of course things made by Google are amazing no proof needed But I visited it and check out everything of it. you can follow me on google plus too.

Youtube To explain tricks I have created youtube channel and in the future I am planning to explain tricks properly through videos hence you can subscribe me on youtube. well there are only 2 videos till now but you better be subscribe because a lot of videos are going to arrive there subscribe at

 Created my first program on weekday finder it a usefull program/application for those business which deals with weekdays and need to find out weekdays more often. so Instead of clicks scrolling searching in calendar. You can do it easily on weekday finder just go and enter year, month and date. and you will get the result. it free also and I am planning to create a more advance version of it also.

 Just got Introduce to Indiblogger a community of indian bloggers. The largest and the best community of indian blogger is of indiblogger. The people all are associated here are bloggers and it has proven very useful to me. There are things like indimeet where there are meetings not exactly meeting its like a get together where you can meet bloggers face to face. Which new things, gadgets etc are coming up in the market and so Its one of the amazing things which I have seen in blogging and I feel lucky enough to be blogger. I don't know. like there are such communities in foriegn where they do the same things as indiblogger but truly if you are blogger in India these is the best thing in Blogging world..

 There are many things which I am planning to do. and wish I do Thats all and hope trickytricks works like these only in the upcoming years too.

 Well a note :
As A human I also need money to survive If you like my blog and wish to motivate me I think you should help me by donating some money. Your wish whatever amount you donate will be useful to me and my blog. You know I have to pay electricity bills, Internet bills, hardware or software things charges... so if you want me to blog like this only you can donate me via paypal at 

Even 1 dollar will be a great donation for me..Thankyou for reading my post and will surely be happy if you leave your response here in the comment box.

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