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Ideas that inspired me the most by Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai

 I have watched many of TED video. And recently I saw a TED video of Franklin Templeton and which was partnered by TEDxGateway Mumbai. This videos shows a lot of peoples and their unique ideas. I thought the best of them is the TED talk of Mittal Patel and so would I like to share my thoughts with you all.

This is one of the best things that a person can do. And the franklin templeton Investments and TED has given a good stage for people to show the struggle and to show how the changes are been made. I learned a lot from her and also wish to join and do or help the society just after I complete my educations. Hats off to her as she did so much for the society leaving behind her own personal life and leaving behind her profession.

Let me give you a brief explanation about the talk as it is Hindi many of my visitors might find it difficult to understand. Ok so mittal patel is a great person who have understood about the Plight of Nomadic and Denotified Tribes in Gujarat, India and works for these people to improve their standard of living as well as for their future generation.  So gives a clear explanation about the condition of this people how they came in these situation and how she helped them out.

First of all she tell about the snake charmers. These people with the help of the snake would earn a good. But after the WildLife Protection Act came the snakes were been taken away from them in order to protect nature and those species which are about to get extinct. This resulted in forcing this snake charmers to become beggars as they were uneducated and had no land and no capital to farm or to start a business or so. What they only knew was to handle a snake and no other skill . She states that there are like 150,000 snake charmers which are now beggars and which are living on the money they earn from begging.
Further she states about those people who shows tricks on the road. Who did the job of sharpening knifes and more such small things profession and spend their life with the small amount of money they earned. As the society developed and as the Government started to pass the New Laws this tribes were left with nothing.
Later she tell about the Denotified Tribes. This is more shocking to hear. In 1872 the British Government declared this tribes as Criminals even if they may have done some crime or not they were criminals from birth. This was before India's Independence. They are like around 200 such denotified tribes. This things were removed after India became independent and later after 5 years in 1952. Until then they were criminals.

She states more severe condition of these people. This process of entertainment does not stop at one place they keep moving from one place to another. This create a main problem they are not settle at all they don't have a residential address. Their Children's do not go to school or take some any education required. She mentioned a village whose all females are been forced to prostitution. No girl get married in that village every one are traded for money.And in return the girls give birth to childrens. They are not married and have no relationships but still they have got childrens. One of the worst things of the society. Their own brothers and fathers traded them.

All of these she gives one more story about the a person who works as a security guard guarding the farms from robbers or stealers. The person was a criminal but later left all of that and became a good person and settle down. He has a son. And his son was caught by the police in the case of Highway robbers and were linking him to as criminal. The police stated they have got proofs about the son and the name of the real criminal and the name of the man's son was same But the surname was different. He contacted Mittal in order to solve this and know about the torture method of the police. He was worried. Mittal contacted the police but can't do anything. The law needed proof that he is a different person who the police has caught. As these people have no residential address they had no Identity card stating about the proof of citizen or the proof of name.

Mittal patel and her team firstly created a proper residential address and registered them with the government. So now they got all the ID's as they had address. And this helped to set the man's son free stating the name is same but the surname is different and he is the wrong person who they caught.
With the village involved in prostitution she understood about the condition of the village. She found out that the village does not involved those girls who are married or engaged to someone.She took the girls and married them. This was the change she bought and tried to improve the life of these people.

Mittal Patel is a journalist by profession and joined VSSM. And later continued working for the people there are many such TED talk videos you can check it out.
Visit their website at
partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

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