Sunday, 2 June 2013

Delete watched videos on Youtube and many more option - Youtweaks

I am back with a great extension trick for you all.I have posted many wallpaper and information in the past which made my visitors thinks that I have stopped posting tricks here. Actually there are no good tricks coming up and I am always searching for that but unluckily I didn't like any one of them until this tricks.

      You might have watched many videos on youtube some great, some awesome, some worst and some adult.
 So youtube does it very nicely remembering what we had watch and suggesting us same type of video on the basis of it. But this thing can get us in trouble. Mostly many of us. So is there a way where we can delete this watched videos yes there is.

This extension is available for Google Chrome only . Sorry about internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox user

1.  Install the chrome extension from here click here
2.  I hope you know how to install it if no here a short explanation :
      click the above link  Click the button Add to Chrome download will start and automatically
      will get install.If it ask for any permission click on yes/allow.
3. So hope you will reach till step 3 properly and now you are ready to use it. You can see the youtweak
     icon and extension on the right side of URL bar click it if you can't Open the menu → settings
     →extension(see on the left hand side menu below history)  → and click there option.
4. Here are the list of thing which you can do using youtweak such as delete watched automatically, change
    the youtube logo url, change the quality, change the size and etc you can read it and do it as you wish

5.  After making the changes here click on the save button below on the page and log on to youtube you can
     see the change if you have any doubts or some step is not working comment here below.

Reason why to add this Extension :
a) If you love Youtube and you want to remove the limitation of it Youtweak it is.
b) To clear you history automatically if you have a weak memory.
c) Hide videos from subscribe channels. (Basically when you subscribe to adult channels)
d) Specify the quality in which you want to watch the video.
e) Disable autoplay.
f) All videos in a one line as it was in the old youtube style.
g) Remove Recommended channel box
h) Loop videos 

So much thing in one extension sure it is a useful extension. 

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