Monday, 23 June 2014

Pinterest in the FUTURE

As per the information and the rate of the trending of pinterest over the internet it is indicating that pinterest is the future as compared in social networking. I don't need to tell you the advantages of Social Networking website.
But for those who use social networking for promotion, driving traffic and connecting fans and followers then I can say that Pinterest is the future.

Reasons for saying so:

Sunday, 22 June 2014

YES ! For Pre - Marital Sex

First of all how did I got this idea - Here hows and I suggest you all must check it out
Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story.

Ok Things are pretty simple and lets keep them Simple. Premarital Sex What does it means ? Couple who are going to get married are getting involved in sex before their Marriage. Or we can say having intercourse before marriage. And I feel its totally fine.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tricky Tricks Completes 3 Years and Still going !

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3 Years when I hear this I don't believe it. Its like its means a lot to me. So just started for fun and a view to check out what is blogging I have reach till here. The experience was amazing and I can say I have benefited a lot from just Trickytricks.
Each year I write down things which I have done to see that how things are goin. And are they going in right direction. This year I was damn busy and still I am . The number of post were reduced and visitors also became less. But after sometime I realised it. And on New year resolution I made a resolution for Trickytricks with at least 2 post per month. And till today I have been successful in following it. Its quite difficult indeed.
But I am trying My best to do. Well the word is spreading in my friends that I am a blogger and I have my own blog. Some say thats good and some say BLOGGER ? whats that ?. So it doesn't matter whether they know or don't . It even doesn't matter that they appreciate my work or no.There are some things which I want to share with you and I think this thing has also came across for all the bloggers who are reading this.
Here my friend who said me .
Sanket, It not a big deal creating your own blog. Its not something big that you have done. Even a kid can go online and create a blog.
I replied him with abit anger that
"Creating a blog is not a big thing but, keeping the blog running that's a big things ! "
And thats the main challenge for all the blogger. How to keep the blog running ? There a lot of blog which are giving the same things. There should be something unique in blog to make yours a truly useful blog.
And then my friend didn't discuss about it further. I know he doesn't feel anything about bloggers and feel that its all useless. So I didn't even tried to change his view towards it. He is not the one and not the last surely. If you have also experience the same then I feel you should also not worry about this. You just can't go and keep on discussing and debate about this thing to everyone .You continue doing your blogging  and contribute in the field of blogging.
As I always say Keep away from such small people. Small not in compare of height or money/ poor. Small people are those whose thinking are small. They themselve don't do anything but if someone is doing something instead of appreciating their work they try to pull them down. Thats why Stay away from them.

I tried to promote tricky tricks across various social networking websites. Such as Facebook, twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and deviantart and Google plus sure. And I didn't get that much like and followers as expected. But I am happy with what I have. And the visitors are damn lazy to click like or follow so I made some changes in the design and made the links available easily.Lets see

Well also I am not happy with the way I am working on tricky tricks. I still remember the day I started blogging I use to post atleast 3 posts weekly But now the numbers has changed to 2 post monthly. I am not happy with the way I am working. Actually I have joined the rotaract club and working towards helping the society as well as self development. And other side completing my studies because I am not a full time blogger and not earning through my blog.

This year went by searching of tricks. But not that successful in it. See this blog was made for tricks what happen is tricks are the bugs or loopholes in system . With the development of IT the mistake were removed and all the tricks which I posted became old and can't be used. So later on I decided to increase my niche of my blog and contribute in more things. I am still searching for proper working tricks and post is soon.

Every year I do something and try to motivate more blogger. Actually many people start blog with a lot of motivation and have got lots of plans for blogging but some how lose the hope and leave it. And that thing I hate the most. I think you should at least try. And see that it works or no. If it doesn't then Ok leave it and delete it.Please delete it because other bloggers might need the URL which you have occupied and doing nothing.
To be a blogger you need something more in you. You need to have patience and the quest to learn more about it. Many big blogger have first started their blog with made many such mistake and after learning it .They created a new blog and they made it all again. And now they earning good. You need to practise you need to do something. Don't lose hope. Don't worry about competition. Don't worry about the fact that there are less visitors. The only thing which you need is DO your WORK properly and do it until you feel satisfied. If you yourself are not satisfied edit it, make necessary changes. Its all upto you. Don't think only about earning money from the blogs. First you need to learn a lot and work. Then see advertisers will come approaching you. At last it all depends only upon you and you only.

 Even I am not earning anything but still I am doing it .Because I love it. Every night after I post I myself visit the site and read it as if I am a user. And then I feel satisfied. As Steve Jobs said " Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters to me." And seriously the feeling which you will get Its amazing. I have a learned a lot and I think it won't have happen If I didn't did blogging. I made some bloggers friends. Some even out my region and even state. So thats nice Don't you feel.

Well I had a talk with the best blogger whom I know and said that we all create a common blog and post it. But with some reasons or so the idea was not successful and I was not able to do it what I have planned and it was ok because now even I have less time and even they so that blog would have not been worked up. If no one is supporting you should do things alone and do it as much as possible. Being dependent upon someone and when they don't work as you expected then it feel much more disappointing.

I have created a lot of images and contributed to art even. Thats all I have not done more in the year thats what I feel bad. Hope I continue this blog as much as possible and get some interesting topics on which I can blog.And keep on contributing to the world of Blogging.

After writing this post I feel that I can do personal blogging also about myself. Thats all  ;-)


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