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Pinterest in the FUTURE

As per the information and the rate of the trending of pinterest over the internet it is indicating that pinterest is the future as compared in social networking. I don't need to tell you the advantages of Social Networking website.
But for those who use social networking for promotion, driving traffic and connecting fans and followers then I can say that Pinterest is the future.

Reasons for saying so:

Pinterest attract overs 1090 visitors per minute. (It attract visitors not regular users. And per minute 1090 people is good )

 79 % user are from the United States. 

 2.5 Million Page view monthly. 

Traffic has grown 125 time's more as it was earlier from the year 2013.

As compared with Facebook and Twitter -
Gender                  Pinterest         |           Facebook      |      Twitter
Women                      83%                          57%                    46%
Men                          17%                          43%                    54%
On the basis of Age.
Age                  Pinterest         |           Facebook      |         Twitter
18-34                   32%                          20%                      33% 
35-54                   45%                          45%                       43%
55+                      17%                             43%                     54%

As compared to users logins
Login period                Pinterest                Facebook                Twitter
Daily                               17%                      75%                     17%
Weekly                            26%                      15%                     12%
Monthly                           19%                      6%                       10%

 # 81% of Women residing in the United States of America have trusted Pinterest has a reliable source of Information and its Suggestion & Advice. 

The tops Categories of Post which people read more, post more  and interested about it.
Categories                       Pinterest  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
 Cooking and Dining             66%            36%             32%
 Drawing and Crafts            63%            29%            34%
 Fun & Humorous               51%            36%            46%
 Fashion & Beauty               45%            19%            30%
 Technology                      33%            31%            44%
 Health Information             59%            44%            51%

Users and Business people why prefers Pinterest
 # To connect with people and who have same interest and taste - 51%  
 # To Help keep track of things which they like - 67%
 # For entertainment and Timepass - 73%
 # To get special offers and the people I have pinned - 39%
 # To get connected and associated with brands and retailers - 43 %
 # To get inspiration for what to buy - 70%

 * Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce traffic 
 * 90% of USA online retailers use pinterest 
 * Pinterest Average user are well settled earning about 100000$ yearly.
 * 47% of online purchaser in USA have purchased based on Pinterest.
 * Over 80% of Pins are Repins (shared)
 * Pinterest is now still the third most popular social network.
 * Pinterest was the fastest social network to hit the 10 million visitor mark. 

So Its Important to consider Pinterest as a important social networking thing.
 Some tips  
 o Add Pinterest link on your website blog. 
 o Add links in the description of your pin. 
 o Use hashtags. Hashtags works on pinterest. 
 o Pinterest activity is maximum at 9pm. 
 o Create proper boards and gallery 

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