Sunday, 22 June 2014

YES ! For Pre - Marital Sex

First of all how did I got this idea - Here hows and I suggest you all must check it out
Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story.

Ok Things are pretty simple and lets keep them Simple. Premarital Sex What does it means ? Couple who are going to get married are getting involved in sex before their Marriage. Or we can say having intercourse before marriage. And I feel its totally fine.

Here are my reasons :

Love is Blind & Has No brains :
When we fall in love we are totally blind in it. It stop yourself from thinking even rationally You can do anything for your loved one, give gifts , do shopping , even spend a whole lot of money on them and no doubt It goes on Increasing and increasing. Even the bad habit of your love one , you like them . Thats what is love. Nowadays kissing each other on lips has also became so common. Why Not Sex ?
Some people are like OK with kissing before marriage but not sex . Kissing is half way or rather the beginning of sex.

It use to happen that in India womens should not even go out with a man (even it might be her husband) She should stay in house. Her face should always be covered. Changes happened and now womens can roam wherever they want to roam with whomever they want to and can wear anything they want to wear. Here I would like you all to focus on the change that has took place from that time till today.
The society is always afraid of new bold things but after some while it starts accepting it. You all might be knowing about Love marriages. The old thinkers of our society were against it as there usually inter caste love marriage were not allowed at all !. But now the things are changing now parents themselves say Go find yourself a girl or a boy. Of your choice. This is how it happens.

Kissing in open ! People were like oh my god Westernization has taken over the our ancient culture, But now they are ok with it and in cities there are places where people visit and have even accepted it.

Scenes in Movies , even the romantic scenes in movies are went to whole new level. From a bunch of flower flattering to Emraan Hashmi ! A drastic change and when movies came which included a lot of romance . People were like we will not watch such movies at all. And now they all sit together and watch the same movie with their family. And the smallest of all chintu has more knowledge about this subject than his father. :D

Pre marital sex has now became common and it will get more common in the upcoming time. We all like westernization , we like their clothes, music, movies and lifestyle too. And there premarital sex is allowed and all of them have accepted it. So it cannot happen that you took the merits of west world and expect that its demerits wont occur !

Thing are very simple both the people love each other, they are madly in love with each other, they cannot control their emotions, their urges and do the thing which are they are not going to do after marriage. So what, does it make a difference there are birth control measure and protections too.

Sex with various people , as they say before marriage. Like really they think, so what a married women can't to that ? Sure they can and lot of cases have happened.
There is no reason a person can be in oppose of sex . So it doesnt matter whether it is before marriage or after marriage. Things are even possible before marriage and after marriage .
Nature has made human in these way and we have to accept it
It has set a specific age for it and at that age everyone will get activated and how many of them you will stop. So its better we should be able to accept it.
And  I have various more reasons to say I think its a YES for Pre Marital Sex !

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