Monday, 22 April 2013

Weekday Finder - By Sanket Misal

Weekday Finder, Sanket Misal
 I have noticed a many times that there are many big software's for day date and year. Which all comes in one software which is a calendar the most common software which nearly everybody have it.But there are many out there who need a software that can easily remove the week day of the date . Some calendar software have a shortcut to do that some do not so you have keep on scrolling up and down.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Color Picker and Color code : An easy way to find out color codes for web designing and photoshop all color codes

all color codes, html color codes, photoshop

 This post is mostly for those who create web pages and use color code. Tell me how many color code you know Of course you may not know all the color code so you move on to the web or photoshop software to find out about the color code on the web you may get images in this format below.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Best Screen Recording Tools - Introducing Mp3myMp3 & Camtasia Studio

best screen recording software, screen recorder, mp3mymp3, camtasia studio, screen recorder

    You remember what is screen shot. Capturing images of the screen by pressing print screen button and then pasting it in paint or photoshop and thereby saving it.Well in these post we are moving forward in these not only with image but with video and audio screen recording.
   Screen recording is now a very important thing nowadays in the world of online tutorials & literacy. There are so many tutorial all over the internet.
Screen Recording, it means recording all the things which is going on your desktop, laptop screen in video format.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wallpaper - By Sanket Misal

hacking wallpapers, wallpaper by sanketmisal, desktop wallpaper, black hats hacking wallpaper, trickytricks wallpaper,hacking wallpapers, wallpapers on hacking,hacking attitude,hacker
"Right click" on image and choose option "Save As" and click on save

We always try to give our visitors with selected or created wallpapers. Save this wallpaper for free and set it as your desktop background. 
This wallpapers are very easy to create and share. If you have created such wallpapers you can share with us and your wallpaper which will be posted here on Trickytricks.
You can share it on any of our social networking website available or send us the link of the wallpaper on the internet. We would love to see your Artwork.

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