Monday, 14 October 2013

Create free PDF files

As a blogger I also create some documents and notes on various topics and I want that it to be the same I don't want anyone to copy it or edit it. I want it to simple, abit professional and easy to read and carry.

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For all these Reason I found out PDF files as the best option. PDF files are simple to use, standard all over the world, cannot be edited , works on nearly all platform such as pc, laptops, tablets pc, smartphone etc. Even it supports images . And it works with browsers too so it can be uploaded on internet even and view it online. So there are a lots of advantages of PDF files.

But creating PDF( Portable Document Format ) is not as easy. I have seen many application which helps to convert word document in PDF. Similarly have checked that creating PDF online is free and quick but there is one thing in all of them. The applications puts a watermark on the word document. Which is so not so cool. And who wants others watermark on your document. It looks so bad.And I hate it.


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