Friday, 28 December 2012

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Facebook Will Be a Competitor for Fast Growing Messenger Whatsapp

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I know I am posting after many days.. because as I mentioned earlier trickytricks is under work for deletion of unwanted posts.

Here a post about Facebook & the growing Messenger Whatsapp

There has been rumors about Facebook looking forward to buy Whatsapp.
Now Whatsapp and Facebook are different things working on different platforms.
Whatsapp works with phone no. & Facebook wit email id's and etc.Well this post is not about distinguishing Facebook & Whatsapp.

This post is to inform u that Facebook is not going to buy Whatsapp.
Indeed whatsapp on its homepage has mentioned
           "AD free service"

and if you see Facebook it works with ads and so it offer free service. Similarly whatsapp gives no ad hence it is paid service.

So those things which give advt are free well those who post no ads are paid service.

as Facebook seem a whole new market due to growth of whatsapp it is now changing its direction toward mobiles phone

Facebook is now making its own messenger which will br working on Android phones.

These messenger will be like whatsapp and it will be working with names & phone no. (with no fb a/c & email id required)
means a jump towards those people who do not use fb.. such as twitter, google circles, bbm and ofcourse Whatsapp

these new messenger app with the new feature will be first available to users of phones running on Google's Android platform in India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela and South Africa, reported Xinhua(news agency), citing the company.

and it will b also available to global user by creating an app for apple iphones, and other smartphones.

Well Facebook messenger is different and these new messenger is different as i mentioned earlier it does not needs a fb a/c.

The main difference will be of free service. will Facebook post ad and provide free service or Whatsapp may change its mind and post ad and provide free service to existing users..

hmnn cant guess what will happen but the company who provide free things I think will win. What are your opinion on these what u all thnk comment here below

Update on 20th Feb 2014 :
As I mentioned it above that Facebook is looking forward to buy the messaging app Whatsapp. And on this day Facebook has done it it has bought Whatsapp for 19 Billion Dollars. It was good decision made by Facebook to buy Whatsapp rather than creating a new app like whatsapp it would have took years for Facebook to come at the level of Whatsapp and this show that how much Facebook is serious about being the Leader on the internet and see to it that there should be no one above it making it again the top company in matters of social networking and connecting.

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