Sunday, 29 April 2012

Facebook Username Problems..

  Everybody know Facebook username system. In short username is the personal URL which Facebook gives for direct access to Facebook Fan pages and profile.
First FB was given it any how without any thinking but due to increasing FB demand and its importance FB has stop allowing creating personal URL or username(see the below example).

Eg: In the past if people have a page containing cookies shop. they would create a page username as

Facebook does not allow any username to change once it is decided similarly(However Now it allow stating you can change your username only once). Even if the shop runs or not the page with that username is permanent and no one else can change it hence it has increase the procedure's.

First it says that You need 25 like's to create one and then you can create anything which you want

But later on it has increase the procedure Now it states that You cannot create the username same as the name which you have set. For eg: If you have a page name as New fruits Shop and you decide that the fb username should be
But Facebook will not allow it either you should add some words in front of the username or at the end.
such as or
"             "           "  /mynewfruitsshop
"             "           "/bestfruitsuevereaten

Etc just add something more in the front or in the back.

Thats all if there is any post related to it I will post it.

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