Friday, 27 July 2012

Find out who Un-friend You on Facebook and Who Un-followed you on Twitter

Find out who Un-friend You on Facebook and Who Un-followed you on Twitter,
   Hi everyone today I am with a trick to find out who unfollowed or unfriended you it may be facebook or twitter we can find out. Reason : Because sometimes you just want to know.
My most of the twitter fans will be knowing about
1.So first I will be giving info about Facebook

   Facebook the largest social networking website till now. and no doubt most of the people are present on facebook. In that time you become friends with many or just add some new friends to talk etc..
But sometimes you see your friends list and see that some one has unfriended u I knw its irritating. to go to 200+ friends and search and find the person who unfriended u.
for convenience a website has been found its link is
1. Visit here and click connnect with facebook
2. Enter email id and password. it will also ask for permission for this application click on allow.
3. and wait 1 min you will find
    total no. of friends, who has unfriended you, when date and time etc..
4. and click on disconnect when ur search is over
Limitation : i have search for the whole website but cannot find how to search who has unlike u on facebook fan page.
2. Twitter
1. Twitter users click on these link below and find out. many thing such as who unfollowed me, who's not following me back, who im not following, and unfollow history
2. click on sign in with twitter. enter username and password.
3. you will be taken back on there you will get these above 4 options
who unfollowed me, (who was following you and later stop following you)
who's not following me back, (who im following and now he is not following me back)
 who im not following,( who is following me but im not following him back)
and unfollow history(history of unfollow)
4. you can follow there only, unfollow there only sure you will like that website..

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