Tuesday, 31 December 2013

How to get online street view map for India - Wonobo

Everyone knows about Googles street view. For those who don't I would like to give a short explanation about it. Google street view is a technology due to which you can see actual images and places by just click of some buttons. For example you go on to the map and search for places you want to go and it shows you normal ways to go there by lines and symbols, but by using streetview you can actually see the place around as if you are standing at that place and watching it The whole 360 degrees amazing isn't it.
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This technology is been used by Google in its Google maps and Google earth. Which was launched on May 25, 2007. Until today Google has not made street view available for the whole world, which we can understand as it is lots of work to do and capture every places and combine them and show. Speaking about India Google street view only show some images related to important city which is not that good. No 360 degrees facility only images. Which is also understandable because Indian street are more complex and need more time to capture everything. But Google should consider to do at least major cities of India.In 6 years it was possible but they did not do it.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lenovo Yoga Tablet - Truly Awesome tablet technology in the current time

 Lenovo one of the best company which manufactures many products and recently it introduced one of the best tablet which the worlds need for sure. Atleast I need it very much. As I told you all before and telling you again. I stay in mumbai and here life is very fast, with time being a very important factor and yes the rush in the public transport through which I have to go everyday. This is very daring thing because every time you know what you will have to go through.
And later while watching T.V. I saw a advertisement of the Lenovo YOGA TABLET..!!!. The name which is totally awesome.YOGA which is kind of indian name which gives a indian feelings.And is a type of exercise.
 So as a IT student (ever excited student of IT) I went on the internet and started searching for more information about it.


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