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How to get online street view map for India - Wonobo

Everyone knows about Googles street view. For those who don't I would like to give a short explanation about it. Google street view is a technology due to which you can see actual images and places by just click of some buttons. For example you go on to the map and search for places you want to go and it shows you normal ways to go there by lines and symbols, but by using streetview you can actually see the place around as if you are standing at that place and watching it The whole 360 degrees amazing isn't it.
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This technology is been used by Google in its Google maps and Google earth. Which was launched on May 25, 2007. Until today Google has not made street view available for the whole world, which we can understand as it is lots of work to do and capture every places and combine them and show. Speaking about India Google street view only show some images related to important city which is not that good. No 360 degrees facility only images. Which is also understandable because Indian street are more complex and need more time to capture everything. But Google should consider to do at least major cities of India.In 6 years it was possible but they did not do it.

streetview india, wonobo, india streetview

Coming to the topic A new site has been created named as Wonobo. This site is awesome and still under work it is specially made for India's street view. It captures nearly all major cities and same as Google's street view.
Its a bit heavy site and needs nice internet speed to use it smoothly but you can have patience and wait until it load  Actually it is a bit different from normal street view the options are different and it will take you some time to learn how to actually use it.

Wonobo gives you more.You can share your experience tell about the things which you have experienced in that place and all. All this information you can find it on their site.
streetview india, wonobo, india streetview

With that you can even correct them if there is any mistake or so. 

Even it offers walking tours which I guess is images of inside of some important places however I am not able to understand how to use this feature. 

Also news about the cities and related. 

Wonobo also states that they are launching a smartphone app which is also in development which will be coming soon.

Instead of me telling you everything why don't you visit the site and check it out by yourself.

This is a very nice thing which Wonobo team has made and I really appreciate their work..

Genesys International, founded in 1995 by brothers Sohel and Sajid Malik is a small mapping company in Mumbai, India.The company was creating maps for other company such as Navteq. The company had to work a lot for taking permission from the Indian government & official including the defense ministry and survey of India, which they say had put a lots of regulation in front of them and they however were able to complete their all requirements. The street view was launched under the name Wonobo. It was launched on tuesday 15th of October 2013. However the site is a bit heavy as the images are been captured in HD camera the company is still working to reduce the size of it and make the site faster and as their smartphone app is under development they still have to reduce the size. The company will carry out the necessary changes which was said by Sajid Malik.Wonobo street view is being launched initially for 12 cities -- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Costal Goa, Kolkata, Agra, Pune. The remaining 42 cities will be launched over the following weeks.
The users still complain about the images are not proper at some places and some important places are still missing and need to capture. The company has also agreed to the defense ministry regarding about not mapping of sensitive, high security areas (as for safety due to more threats from terrorists) it has also been working with tourism India for the tourist to know the places proper. The company claims to rectify all the things and say it will make all the changes, it also say that the images on the map will not be older than 6 months and will be updated regularly.The company is still tagging business and hospitals and all the necessary places.It is a great work done by an Indian firm and been a major competitor for Google.
(information source : Times of India )

That's all for this India's Street view I hope this post was helpful and show some response and comment below.!!! stay connected.

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