Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to get birthdates of all your friends through Facebook

Have you ever tried asking your friends for their birthdates. How many friend did you ask, would be more difficult to call everyone or message all of your friends to reply their birthdates.
Then writing them down,sorting it & storing it and setting a reminder for everyone takes more efforts.
Here's a trick to acquire all the birthdates of your friends who are there in your friends list from Facebook. It easy and I have kept it that simple.
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Birthdays are a very important days to celebrate and meet our close friends and relatives. Facebook the biggest social networking website which contains nearly half of the information about a person.

It maintains a special calendar for the user and some of us doesn't know about it.

1. First step is to visit the below link

2. And first you have to log in to Facebook and then you can see all the birthdate's of the people who are in your friends list.
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3. Here are two types one is a like an actual calender like and the other is a list type.
4. You can copy and paste (by selecting all) everything in word documents or even save it in any format you wish.
5. In this you can even find the upcoming events which are there. So this trick does not limit only to birthdate's.

One more trick if you go on Facebook on the left hand side you can see the option of Event from there also you can get all the b'dates, and event information. This was new change made by Facebook.

I guess this is one simple trick and I would like to hear your response, comment below. And stay connected with us through social networking websites.

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