Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Smelly to SMiley - the Ambi pur Experience

 I have read somewhere that our brain can remember smell of things such as food, chocolate, flowers, garbage even. Ok so this post is about my experience with smell.

Recently I went online and just found out about the ambipur free samples. So I decided to give it a try and registered my name and address with ambi-pur for free sample. The main thing is why I decided to give a try was I live in a city like mumbai. Where time is so important. I am still studying and even more I am blogger which I love doing this. I have very less time to clean all my room, my house. Of all we live alot of people in comparatively small house. So the bad smell would be there of course. And with less time to rest I don't do anything else but just rest Yeah I am a bit lazy but its ok.

Friday, 16 August 2013


Here I have created some wallpaper on hacking and hacker. For all the hackers out there. Some of them like my wallpaper and tell me to create more of it. This is for all those and I have posting after so many days. Just busy in some other work but soon I will be posting a lot of contents. Stay Connected.

There is a download button between respective Image. The link is via deviantART. 
You can see on the RIGHT HAND SIDE DOWNLOAD BUTTON on deviantART
The reason is it easy to download, No need to Login for downloading and its safe. Where you can find more from these. You can Follow me on deviantART @
hacking wallpaper, hackers, sanket misal, wallpaper on hacking
This is a hacking wallpaper with its meaning and below with a fabric pattern. 
Download this image


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