Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Smelly to SMiley - the Ambi pur Experience

 I have read somewhere that our brain can remember smell of things such as food, chocolate, flowers, garbage even. Ok so this post is about my experience with smell.

Recently I went online and just found out about the ambipur free samples. So I decided to give it a try and registered my name and address with ambi-pur for free sample. The main thing is why I decided to give a try was I live in a city like mumbai. Where time is so important. I am still studying and even more I am blogger which I love doing this. I have very less time to clean all my room, my house. Of all we live alot of people in comparatively small house. So the bad smell would be there of course. And with less time to rest I don't do anything else but just rest Yeah I am a bit lazy but its ok.

Its not my nose is habitual to this smell but I don't feel more distracted by that smell as I live here everyday. But I can see people feeling bad about the foul smell which comes and giving a bad response when they come over to my place.

So Ambi-pur has given an option for me. I tried it. And called my friends home and just clear off the mess which was there like clothes,sock,bags, papers etc which I even don't know from where all this came. So the point is I have done it as if it would look I have cleaned up everything. And made some changes in arrangement just a little not much as I told you I am so lazy. And my friends were like asking me whether Am I leaving my house or giving it to someone for rent. Which I also didn't understood why but later on they only told me.

They were like "I have not seen your house as such it is like something different. Did you appointed a maid or such"
Other was like "It is feeling so fresh you have done something different tell me are you going to marry or what, no because I don't think something important will be the reason thats why you have done such changes"

Boy I was so happy with all this. I love it the way ambi-pur has brought up such change. If you would have seen the ambi-pur advertisement then you would understand the same thing happened over here. Next time I am going to try this. I will make my room more dirty and spray ambi-pur everywhere and blindfold my friends as If I am going to give them surprise or such and later ask them about the smell.

Ambi-pur has made such easy work for me. Irrespective of time we spend on cleaning the way ambi-pur effect is it is totally different. In a word I can say it as AWESOME.

Well now my friends have decided to come to my house daily. And even my ambi-pur is over so I have to head up towards a shop and buy a new ambi-pur hope I find it easily as time is so important here. It is one thing which I would recommend to atleast try it our once. You can even like their facebook page.

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