Friday, 26 July 2013

Common Lock Patterns of mobiles phones Screen Lock

Common Lock Patterns of mobiles phones Screen Lock, screen lock, lock patterns

Lock Patterns are a very easy and good way to lock your phone. You can open it easily with your right hand or left hand. You just need to know the pattern.
There are some data in your phone which you don't wanna share with other people. And what you do is lock your phone with such pattern lock. And you totally believe that it will be useful. But the fact is there are some common patterns which most of the people keep and other people easily understand it or guess it and they get access to your phone data, your messages, your gallery, emails,your Facebook,Twitter etc. And this can create a big trouble for you.

So here I have brought down some common patterns which people keep and if your pattern is one of it I think you should change it. Hence I took some effort to write about this topic.

The below image is for proper understanding. Further I will be mentioning the dots of patterns so I have numbered them so you can understand exactly which dot or place I am trying to say.
First row(horizontal) contains dots 1,2,3 next row 4,5,6 third row 7,8,9
Column wise (vertical) 1,4,7   2,5,8   3,6,9
Image to refer to while explaining somethings below

As per the order 1st pattern(image) is most common and later 2nd, 3rd so on

Friday, 12 July 2013

common marking & highlighting shapes on photoshop custom shapes

Here I have created some and rest have collected Custom Common Shapes which are used for marking and Highlighting most of the time. 
csh, marking custom shapes, photoshop shapes, ps shapes
You can use the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th,7th shapes for marking. It has been useful for marking while creating tutorial Hence I decided to share it here.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

where to create a blog

where to create a blog, blogging tips, blogging tricks, blogspot advantages, wordpress advantages, tumblr advantages

There would be a lot of confusion where to create a blog. Which is the best platform to create a blog, which are good blog site etc. Well you will be creating your own blog so such question will arrive in your mind. If you are a blogger than you will be knowing about the importance of these.

The thing is that all blogging site which I have mention are good as per the user. Hence they have survived and earn such a name in the blogging world. So all the things depend upon you which blogging platform to choose. I have given the advantages, disadvantages of following blog with some extra information. So its you yourself who will decide which is the best.

It would be difficult to distinguish between in vertical columns so I have arranged all horizontally and has given various color to each.
Blogger is Orange color.
Wordpress is Blue color.
Tumblr is light greenish color.


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