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where to create a blog

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There would be a lot of confusion where to create a blog. Which is the best platform to create a blog, which are good blog site etc. Well you will be creating your own blog so such question will arrive in your mind. If you are a blogger than you will be knowing about the importance of these.

The thing is that all blogging site which I have mention are good as per the user. Hence they have survived and earn such a name in the blogging world. So all the things depend upon you which blogging platform to choose. I have given the advantages, disadvantages of following blog with some extra information. So its you yourself who will decide which is the best.

It would be difficult to distinguish between in vertical columns so I have arranged all horizontally and has given various color to each.
Blogger is Orange color.
Wordpress is Blue color.
Tumblr is light greenish color.

 I am comparing only these 3 blogging site because most of the people use this site.
Blogger is difficult to track exactly how many blogs are there on blogspot. But I know blogspot are more in numbers compared to others
Tumblr shows it has over 120.3 Million blogs
WordPress has about 67 Million blogs. And rest blogging site are below these blogs.
These numbers changes day by day.

 There are a lot of other blogging site which are been given at the end of this post.
Advantages & Disadvantages : 

There are advantages and disadvantages of all Lets take a look at it.
Sign up Process :
It is really easy for to sign up for blogger if you have a gmail account. So this is a advantage for gmail account is EASY
Otherwise you have to create a account first later create a blog using a gmail account.So a disadvantage for those who don't want to create a email account on gmail. I don't think there's any harm in signing up for gmail. it is easy but LENGTHY

Wordpress offers signups from any email account. it is EASY

Tumblr also offers signups from any email account. it is  EASY

Service Offered : 
Blogger is completely free.
Wordpress charges some amount for additional features.
Tumblr is also completely free.

Custom Editing and Adding CSS Allowed :
Css is useful for web designers to edit the webpage and make changes as they want.
Blogger allows custom editing and adding of css for free.
Wordpress also allow but takes some charges for editing and adding css.
Tumblr also allows and is free.

HTML editing and Adding Custom HTML :
Blogger allows custom html for free.
Wordpress does not allow.
Tumblr also allows and is free.

Can Include Script :
Blogger allows scripts.
Wordpress does not allow.
Tumblr also allows.

Advertisement :
Blogger is advertisement free.
Wordpress may shows advertisement.
Tumblr is advertisement free.

Bloggers Interface :
On the Basis of Posting :
Posting in blogspot is easy compared to all. And also provide advance features.
Posting in Wordpress will be tough for new user but after some time you will know about it.
Tumblr posting is the easiest as compared to all. But some advance features are not given here.

Considering the design and shortcuts :
Blogger is much more handy and easy to work with.
Wordpress is a bit tough compared to blogger while working.
Tumblr is easy as I say some features are not been provided.

Blogger and Wordpress offer to design different theme for mobiles. As mobile users are increasing and the internet speed of mobile is less than compared to computer. So changes in design will help to change the loading speed of blog.
Of course these are the 3 best site to blog so all are easy to use.
Seo Options : 
Bloggers are more blessed in SEO as compared to other because blogger is handled by Google and first preference (default) is given to blogspot over wordpress.If both have a tie between each other.
As most of the people use Google as Search Engine.
Wordpress is second after blogspot. Wordpress work properly with social networking in sharing.
Tumblr is not that popular.

Bloggers has option to add search tags
(search tags are those tags by which the search engine uses while displaying result).
Even Wordpress has options to add search tags.Wordpress also suggest you tag as per your post.
Tumblr on the other hand has less places to add search tags. As it provide less options while posting. 

Mostly blogspot and wordpress site are displayed first.

Useful In Making Money :
Well again Blogger is more advance in making money with its adsense feature(again google).
Wordpress can also earn with the wordads feature.But it has to be upgraded.
Tumblr is best as it gives its user freedom to choose advertiser and to earn money with.

The main problem of blogger and wordpress is we have to use their selected advertising platform in which they earn. So our revenue get lower as compared.
Wordpress is good but we have to upgrade our account so we earn less and spent more in terms.
On the other hand working with adsense is difficult and tough job because Adsense is strict while allowing to place ads. So tumblr is much easy to earn but we have to build a good traffic for blog on tumblr.

Themes And Design Option : 
Onc of the main feature because this is the part which is viewable to the users. And its the most important which a blogger must choose.

For blogger there are a limited numbers of themes offered by the bloggers.But it gives them option to edit them. Change in color of nearly every options on your blog. Change fonts, change size, Alignment etc. In short template editing is allowed. With this it give dynamic themes too which are not allowed to edit from bloggers.

Wordpress offers a lot of themes as compared to both. These themes are more professional as compared to blogger. Only some editing option are been given in wordpress you cannot completely change the theme as you want. There are premium themes also but they will cost you money. And template editing is not allowed unless paid.

Tumblr is simple, neat and clean in themes. Easy to start and use. Tumblr also provides good simple themes. Tumblr is for those who believe in content more than design and other add ons.

If you are blogger then you have to find a quality time to design your blog. Blogger give you more options. Well themes provided by others can also be applied here. If you are web designer then you can create your own themes.
Wordpress also has good , neat themes But you need to spend some cash. Well there are themes giveaways which you can use. Professionally Wordpress themes are more good. On blogger there are all types of people who create a blog so it provide themes as per all.

Apps, Widgets, Third Party Support : 
Blogger has a lot of widgets and third party apps supports. Of which some are mostly paid
Wordpress also have a lot of widget but some of which are paid.
Tumblr too has widgets. Well not as good to bloggers and wordpress.

As the users are more on blogger and wordpress the people who create such widgets will of course create for blogger and wordpress to sell their widgets and apps.
Goodwill And Company Support : 
Blogger is powered by Google which makes it the smatest blog company. However company support to blogger is less in term of adsense because the company reject many blogs for advertisment due to its contents and many blogger are in frustration. 
Well Image support is only of 1 GB joined with picasa. 

Wordpress is also good and provide good services but the charges are more and that too yearly.So if you are ready to blog and have a good knowledge about blogging then you can earn very well from wordpress and the spending will less.
Image support is of 3 GB.

Tumblr established in 2007 has gain a lot of popularity as compared to Google and Wordpress.Tumblr with yahoo will also provide monetary support. The company is still working on to improve It will still be decided that tumblr will be sold to Yahoo or not well yahoo has purchased tumblr but users of tumblr are not happy with the decision we will not discuss about that in this post. So I can say things are about to change for tumblr user too.
Spam and Security :
 Blogger is much more safer from wordpress and tumblr where as tumblr is still weak in security.
Wordpress and Tumblr are more harmed by viruses and spam as compared to blogger.
Tumblr was more charged with pornographic content been uploaded on a high scale.
The things become more clear because Blogger is much expensive give more support and safes from security then comes Wordpress and later Tumblr
Well more people are turning toward Tumblr as it is good nearly same as blogger and with Yahoo looking to buy it. Tumblr will be a big competitor for both giants in blogging.
What Other Bloggers Suggest : 
Other Blogger suggest 
1st opinion as Wordpress
2nd opinion as Bloggers Blogspot

Blogger and blogspot are one and the same

Well the blogger suggests are on the basis of blogger who I know. So it would not be a good point to consider what blogger suggest and later you go with the same. Read all the points and understand and later on take the proper decision.

Well conclusion would be difficult from a view of mine. You decide what platform you prefer. Well if you have knowledge and a proper readiness to spend money you can join Wordpress. If you are totally new and have less knowledge about blogging then go with Blogger. Here you can design and decide the things which you want.
If you are less interested in editing and making changes in design, themes and want quick action then tumblr is good for you.

Well out of all I myself Choose Blogger.

List of Other Blogging Site
Windows Live Spaces
Yahoo 360

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