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Exactly What is Blogging

exactly what is blogging, thing you should know before creating a blog

Understand Exactly What is Blogging :
  The meaning and the definition of blogging is different for each and every blogger. Let me tell you some common points of it.

As per definition
" Add new material to or regularly update a blog is called as blogging. "

In simple terms:
1. It is a way to express what you feel :
In blogging you are the CEO, you are the editor. You choose what you want to blog, you choose what you want to say,express,show....whatever you do all decision are made by yourself. Its one of the best feeling for you in blogging. Sometime you might see fb profile you can see there bloggers stating CEO of such blog or something.

2. Whatever you do You are responsible :
It may be good or it may be bad but whatever you do you are only responsible for it. Many new bloggers are facing such problem they think once they create a blog they are totally independent. They post anything which they want such as adult content, illegal transfers of softwares, earning more money through illegal practise. All of it which is unethical its you who are responsible so whenever you decide to blog about see to it that you are ready for all the consequences. Independence is giving to blogger but the service provider is always the head such as Blogspot, Wordpress and others...they have the right to shut down your blog at anytime.
 So do something proper and ethical which is legal and you do not give a chance to blogspot people to shut down your blog. Do something nice which will help people so that you get appreciation for it, for your work you do and people say that he's/she's the person behind the blog.

3. Its not a easy and a quick way to earn money:
Most of the people have a believe that blogging gives you quick access to money or easy way to earn money. NO..!!! its not. In blogging there are many things you need to learn before making a perfect high visitors traffic blog. Once you achieved it then you move onto advertisement and later have a earning blog. But things are not such easy even after.You have to maintain the visitors you have to see that you be the best as there is a lot of competition and the advertising programs such as the adsense are been close down at any period of time. Many bloggers have earn money and have lost their source of earning money also due to some reasons as here Google adsense becomes the boss. So earning money here is a tough thing for new bloggers once you understand the rules and tricks I can say you can earn a lot of money. So don't start a blog just to earn money. There are many things you need to know.

4. A lot of competition :

There's a blog born every half second

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    August 4, 2006
    Blog world growing by leaps and bounds
    Every second two new blogs are created.
    According to recent statistics from blog-tracking site Technorati, the blogosphere has doubled every six months for the last three years. That's 175,000 new blogs per day worldwide. Technorati added its 50 millionth blog on July 31, 2006.

    In the blogging world there are a lot of competitors. You will be like a drop of water in a big sea. So its very easy to lose hope in the beginning of blogging. I have seen thousand of blog been closed down after a very short period of time such as with 1 or 2 posts.Sometimes no post at all. Thats it. This is the worst thing that happens the main problem what occurs here is they acquire URL's such as let me give you a example of mine only.

     I wanted the url trickytricks.blogspot.com but some person already acquire that url and so I have to add a prefix as mytrickytricks.blogpsot.com and see where my blog is and see where trickytricks.blogspot.com is If you wish to see the blog you may see it and you will see why I am so annoyed with the URL thing. And there is no way to contact such idiots. Seriously idiots I can call them. So remember If you want to experiment in blogging do not occupy the URL which other blogger will need. Or the best thing is after you experiment delete the blog and URL itself. Please a request from me. 

    The easy way to avoid the competition is give quality post. Your each post should be your best post and the visitors will start liking it . It will be very tough thing to continue but keep some hope. And continue what you do.

    Learn some trick such as Search Engine Option SEO. How to increase you page rank and how to get more visitors etc. You can get more tricks search google for it.

    The easiest way is by providing quality post Its easy and totally ethical and accepted by google
    Don't just give contents in large quantities give them with proper method and quality.
     Quantity and Quality should be balanced

    And your blog will automatically become one the best blog in rankings and will avoid all competition.

    5. Professional Approach :
    If you want to be a Writer, a author etc it is very useful for them. Blogging really helps in improving your skills. You can see the difference when you will check your old post and you will check your new post. You yourself will find out your limitations and mistakes and see how you have developed your skills and language.

    6. Connecting the world:
    Your blog can be viewed from any part of the world and visitors seriously arrive from foreign countries. You connect with them on your blog or on social networking sites Its amazing you might even be hired by companies by reading your post or your knowledge. You may even get introduce to other fellow bloggers and see you have friends all over the world.

    These things are very necessary to understand before you start your own blog there are a lot but the you understand these basics and later you will learn all other necessary things. Once you get into the world of blogging you become a blogger. But your aim should be to become a professional blogger. Blogging is very amazing and you should be a blogger if you are truely reading this post Who knows you might turn out to be the BEST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD.

    For more information about the topics to choose for your blog post check this post http://mytrickytricks.blogspot.com/2013/06/whichtopictochooseblogging.html

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