Sunday, 30 March 2014

Steps to Avoid Phishing trap & scams

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I have been trying from many days to write on this topic and luckily today the day has come.

Well let's come to the point first of all what is phishing ?
Simply telling phishing is a technique in which the bad guys(bad computer experts) fool the good people through the use of internet. Showing themselves
as a trusted person or an organisation.
 In which the people himself make the payment or himself give their account number & password or some other way give up their information due to which the money in their bank accounts is all vanished and thus result in a phishing scam.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Difficult Lock Patterns of mobiles phones Screen Lock

Difficult Lock Patterns of mobiles phones Screen Lock, screen lock, lock patterns, tough lock patterns, android, tricky tricks

Ever wonder how secure is your mobile phone. Nowadays we carry out all our work, transaction, store data, contact, messages, Facebook, twitter..etc on our mobile devices. And what we do to protect it just a pattern lock which can be easily opened and anyone can get access to all your data. So here are some pattern locks which are difficult to guess and difficult to draw. 

Well in the start it would be difficult for you even but with practise and opening it again and again you will be able to draw it perfectly easily and with more speed every time you do so. Believe me I have tried it. So even if someone watches you drawing it won't be able to guess it.


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