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Lenovo Yoga Tablet - Truly Awesome tablet technology in the current time

 Lenovo one of the best company which manufactures many products and recently it introduced one of the best tablet which the worlds need for sure. Atleast I need it very much. As I told you all before and telling you again. I stay in mumbai and here life is very fast, with time being a very important factor and yes the rush in the public transport through which I have to go everyday. This is very daring thing because every time you know what you will have to go through.
And later while watching T.V. I saw a advertisement of the Lenovo YOGA TABLET..!!!. The name which is totally awesome.YOGA which is kind of indian name which gives a indian feelings.And is a type of exercise.
 So as a IT student (ever excited student of IT) I went on the internet and started searching for more information about it.

And I was impressed by the images only. It is so awesome, so fantastic I have no words. Lets get back to the old tablets I remembered I borrowed a tablet from my friend for some reason and used it like daily. First of all I was very worried to take it through trains as you all might be knowing about the rush in the local trains of mumbai. After getting a good seat on which I can sit and travel I used to remove my tablet and do all the stuff . Holding the tablet was a bit difficult thing the tablets are big and of course they won't fit in my hand like mobiles. And due to rush I am sweaty my hand are also sweaty so the tablet would slip from my hand as plastic body is there so I have to wipe it again and again. More it was running on android ginger bread version and it cannot be upgraded to new version. More to say low RAM memory and low Storage Capacity compared to YOGA. After making the way out through train getting in college discussing it with my classmates and friends some educational stuff.  I have to hand over the tablet to them to show things in my tablet I felt it less secure because I cannot go and sit with everyone and see what are they doing ? Are they watching the thing which I told them or my personal stuff I rarely give it to someone. I was not that happy the way tablet pc were been designed. I felt it mobile is much more good than going for a tablet if it offer the same features.


As I told ya the excited student of IT came out me. I search the internet for its features and all and all. Telling you as the lenovo ads tell #BETTERWAY of using the tablets. The main thing which I tell the design is awesome I would rate it 10/10. The designers have given importance to the design which I like it which some product creators don't. My main problem with tablets the way to handle it that they have all solution for it.

Not one but three named as Hold mode, Tilt Mode and Stand Mode. Lenovo say it is the world's first "MULTIMODE TABLET"

 I can say it is very handy to use it. Its like holding a folded notebook. Which is the normal mode or hold mode. It easy to hold because it has the extra rounded curve on the side (I cant find a specific word to describe).

The second mode is the tilt mode. Again with the rounded thing the tablet kept on table or somewhere else it get placed tilted. Which is nice because the light directly does not fall on the tablet and it is visible. This problem occurs with the mobile often when we are outside we have to adjust the mobiles so to see the screen and the light doesn't falls on the screen. This was the tilt mode.

The third and the most amazing mode is the Stand Mode. Many attempts were been made to give a screen like effect mobiles with big screen, mobiles with projectors, tablets later on but the thing was not solved. The stand mode is amazing It gives a projection effect without a projector and a big screen which can be mobile and taken anywhere you go. For presentation and all things will work out with this tablet. It save all the things and screen is good compared to projected screen.

With old tablet the charging was low and I have to keep charging The YOGA  claims it is 2X compared to other tablets like double of it.Around 18 hours of battery life which is good enough.

The Lenovo Yoga tablet is truly a tablet for better way of living. I can take this tablet in train without the fear that it would slip out of my hands and fall down. Because I can hold it firmly and tightly.
I can give presentation with the Stand Mode. discuss things which I want No giving it to others or so.

Longer battery life is also a important factor I see people use laptops but still they are connected to switch for battery source whats the use of laptops then which runs out of battery.

Really I think Lenovo Yoga Tablet is the solution to all and it will lead us to a better life. Must try it really awesome. As they say FOR THOSE WHO DO !!

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