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Best Screen Recording Tools - Introducing Mp3myMp3 & Camtasia Studio

best screen recording software, screen recorder, mp3mymp3, camtasia studio, screen recorder

    You remember what is screen shot. Capturing images of the screen by pressing print screen button and then pasting it in paint or photoshop and thereby saving it.Well in these post we are moving forward in these not only with image but with video and audio screen recording.
   Screen recording is now a very important thing nowadays in the world of online tutorials & literacy. There are so many tutorial all over the internet.
Screen Recording, it means recording all the things which is going on your desktop, laptop screen in video format.

  If you own a blog or have a website or in the service of teaching both these tools are necessary and important. You might be knowing about camtasia but mp3mymp3 is also important. Lets start with mp3mymp3

best screen recording software, screen recorder, mp3mymp3,screen recorder

    Well mp3mymp3 is only an audio recording software. Whatever sounds, noise, music is playing on the screen and you want to record it then mp3mymp3 is good for all this.just download it install it and start it All the sounds which you are able to hear through your speaker will be recorded.

  Understand that sound ripping software and this software is different. Sound recording software are like extracting only the sound of the video but in this software you can record everything what you hear.
Imagine a condition where you like a song and you downloaded that in video format. But you want it in mp3 format there sound recording software can be used. But what if that video is on Youtube. You will go on those website which extract mp3 such as where you enter link of the video and download mp3 of it but it has got limitations in have to install add-on's and java plugins for it. Even this website do not offer those mp3 of the copyright video then what's the use of it.
best screen recording software, screen recorder, mp3mymp3,screen recorder

Here mp3mymp3 is best just go to Youtube start the video and on the other side start mp3mymp3 and you can save the songs. Even you can add more silent seconds in the video by starting recording a bit earlier.

Remember by doing this way of copyright material is considered as piracy and Piracy is a Crime.
Hope you understood what is mp3mymp3 and why it is different from other sound recording software.

Mp3myMp3 is a free software and you can download it free from it official website.
Download mp3mymp3
the above download is via its official site as it is a free software. so click on download its official page will appear and click download one more time and download will start.

Camtasia Studio:
best screen recording software, screen recorder,camtasia studio, screen recorder

  One of my favorite software of all time. Camtasia Studio is simple software to record all the screen activities and even sounds. Well it also does the work of mp3mymp3 but it also records video so you have to save it in video format then again extract sound from it. So camtasia and mp3mymp3 are best as per our need.

Well camtasia studios also offers a video editing software and even a facility to record video and narrate(to talk through mic) as well as webcam on the side where you can talk and record real life video with the help of webcam. Its awsome nearly everyone uses camtasia who prepare tutorials its really an awesome software

best screen recording software, screen recorder,camtasia studio, screen recorder

You can download its trial version from its official website. Its not a free software.

Download camtasia studio

We are giving you camtasia studio version 7.1.1 in zip format click above to download. New version are also available.

Well thats all from screen recording tools Well this recording tools are very heavy and they need a lot of RAM memory. So I recommend to close all those things which is not necessary at that time.Otherwise..

NOTE : This software are for individual purpose and not for commercial purpose. If you are trying to misuse, reproduce or transfer of this software against the right mentioned. Please contact the creator of the respective softwares.



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