Monday, 22 April 2013

Weekday Finder - By Sanket Misal

Weekday Finder, Sanket Misal
 I have noticed a many times that there are many big software's for day date and year. Which all comes in one software which is a calendar the most common software which nearly everybody have it.But there are many out there who need a software that can easily remove the week day of the date . Some calendar software have a shortcut to do that some do not so you have keep on scrolling up and down.

Well this help me to think and make a software for these I made a software which can remove the weekday of any date,month and many years. Many years means the years from 1900 till 2099. Well its not that I cannot add more years in it even the past years and the future years I thought that it would be enough and does not want ma software to take a lot of memory and I dont think that anyone will use more than this range year.

Weekday Finder, Sanket Misal

It is easy, simple and fast. It does not requires more ram, more space or installation even its Free. So you should try it. just enter the year, month and date and you get the weekday. Thats it so simple. For your business if you need it well this thing is useful. Have any question, queries or suggestion you can comment here below or connect us through social networking sites.
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