Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hide Your IP Address

 Everyone Knows what is an IP address. (If u dnt knw click here) . In the past I have given a trick how to Change Ur Ip Address . That was a bit tough to do Here is one simple trick.
There are website which will hide your IP address. If you don't know Your Ip Address click here below
How to Find your IP Address
Hide Your IP Address,change your ip address

These are the sites below to hide IP ADDRESS

1. Verified sites

2. Others sites                                        ©

This is more than enough to hide it completely. wait for the next post


  1. Use easy to connect free VPN software to hide your IP, I never use unreliable proxy sites.

  2. Tricky Tricks:
    Yeah its right but there are some times where u cannot download such software everytime so for quick work website are good. Eg : such as college lab, friends house etc..
    Robert we would love if u were connected with us..facebook / twitter

  3. Hide your IP address with

  4. Nice information. Using this i had hide my ip address.Its very useful to mask my ip address. And i checked my ip address using this site



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