Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tricky tricks Completes One Year

      One year before I started Tricky tricks with a aim of providing Computer Tricks to everyone. There are some people who understand computer very well in just one explanation. But there are some who don't understand computer or some part of it easily. I was not knowing what to do because there were nearly thousand of website first only on the web giving free computer education like tricky tricks. But I found out that these those website's are not giving proper methods some methods were incomplete they were understandable but for that you should need some basic computer knowledge.

   So I decided to give proper methods with images at every steps so that no problem occurs for the user. First only there were so less website which were giving free images they were just trying to show what things to click and what not to click. But If you have seen some of my post There I have given the concept behind that trick.
   How the trick will work, on what basic the trick is working. So we help you to understand it properly which can be useful later also.
     Seriously I had no idea will my blog will work or not. But In these mean time I just started loving blogging. And that only motivated me to post more tricks due to bogging I my self learn new tricks new things, which I would have not learn If I did not post it on trickytricks
        Indeed In the start I also feel this all is useless there are so many tricks sites but now when I see back I love the decision which I took.

For all the bloggers and who are in confusion whether to start a blog or not I would like to tell that In the start it feels all useless but later on when people start visiting your site specially from foreign countries It feels awesome If you are starting to blog understand that You have to do it because you love it not for the sake of doing it. Whatever you do Do it perfect at least try to be near perfect. And you will feel very nice Indeed its a amazing feeling which cannot be explained. Don't Worry Everything will happen properly and your hard work will not be wasted It Will be helpful for some one else. You may never know.See your post from a user point of view so something will automatically be understood what the users need and what they expect from you.

What we achieve:
   1. The main thing which we achieve was Our visitors. Nearly 5 visitors daily from all over the world. We really love to have them we try to submit our site URL nearly to all search engines sites.So that maximum people can benefit from us. Its our pleasure for using our site
We have 214 Post published till now
546 facebook fans
185 twitter followers ( these numbers can be increasing or decreasing as per time)

Twinkling stars is a Non Profit Organisation teaching small kids and adults activities. These activity center is located in Mumbai, India and will be global as per our research due to their great achievement in its first session as it is non profit organisation so we work for Twinkling stars free. Even the people who work there work free. The fees they take is for the further development of this activity center. Their main aim is to provide Quality education for each and every child at affordable rates. We are very thankful they believed in us and told us to help them out. You can follow the link below and like the facebook page of Twinkling stars

3. Stealthers Army

    Stealthers army is an Hacking Group as well as free computer education providers. One of the member of stealthers i.e K3NU is helping Trickytricks He is our authors and will be publishing more contents on trickytricks SURE YOU WILL LOVE IT...
Stealthers army was founded by HASHISH & K3NU
Other Core Members are Cyberboy, Devil Kulashri & PROGY
Their Aims is : providing newbies wid all dey hav. tools, knowledge, and dey dont hack juz for fame it's only for some revenge n challenges. main aim is to secure their own indian cyber space by finding vul in it n patchinh up.
That's it we cant give u more info on these

4. Parth Shah
    Parth Shah a very good friend of mine has supported trickytricks from time to time. Indeed starting Tricky tricks was his and my idea and he suggested me you should start one. Being a science student he has lack of time to blog. So instead of him I started blogging. He is more genius in computer than me and a expert too i can say.. Its a great pleasure to have some one like him. Thnks for helping trickytricks dude..!!

Woooo this was just in one year there are more to achieve. We are trying to get more authors who will be writing computer tricks on trickytricks. These will surely benefit you all Enjoy...!!

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