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Windows 7 Run Commands

RUN COMMANDS for windows 7 
There are people who use shortcuts to operate pc There are some who do it in a long way. To make your work easier below I have given a list of windows run command.

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Run CommandsPrograms Started/Result
appwiz.cpl Add Or Remove Program
azman.msc Authorization manager
hdwwiz.cpl Device manager
control admintools Administrative Tools
calc Calculator
certmgr.msc Certificate manager for current user
charmap Character map
credwiz Stored User Names and Passwords
control schedtasks Task scheduler
compmgmt.msc Component services
control folders Folder properties wizard
control Control panel
cliconfg SQL Client Configuration
cleanmgr Diskclean up wizard
control desktop Display personalisation wizard
control fonts Font properties
control keyboard keyboard properties wizard
control mouse Mouse properties
control color Window color and appearance
control netconnection Network adapter settings
control printers Devices and Printers wizard
dcomcnfg Component services
devmgmt.msc Device manager
dfrgui Disk fragmenter
diskmgmt.msc Disk management wizard
Diskpart Diskpartsevice
dxdiag Directx diagnostic tools
desk.cpl display properties
Downloads downloads folder
dpiscaling dpi scaling tools
(magnification wizard)
Dvdplay Play dvd using windows player
eventvwr.msc Event viewer
Explorer Libraries folder
Eudcedit private character editor
fsmgmt.msc Shared folder management
firewall.cpl Windows firewall manager
Fonts Font properties
fxscover Fax Cover Sheet Editor
gpedit.msc Local group policy editor
intl.cpl Regional settings
iexpress iExpresswizard
(to create /open self-extraction directive file)
inetcpl.cpl internet properties
iexplore internet explorer
ipconfig /all Display Connection Configuration
ipconfig /displaydns Display DNS Cache Contents
ipconfig /flushdns Delete DNS Cache Contents
ipconfig /release Release All Connections
ipconfig /renew Renew All Connections
ipconfig /registerdns Refreshes DHCP & Re-Registers DNS
ipconfig /showclassid Display DHCP Class ID
ipconfig /setclassid Modify DHCP Class ID
iscsicpl isci initiator
joy.cpl game controller
lusrmgr.msc Local users and groups
msconfig System Configuration Utility
msinfo32 System information
magnify Magnifier
mmsys.cpl Sound manager
main.cpl mouse properties
msdt Microsoft support diagnostic tool
Mspaint Paint
Mblctr Windows mobility center
Msra windows remote assistance
Mstsc windows remote desktop connection
ncpa.cpl Network adapter settings
Notepad Notepad
odbcad32 ODBC databse administrator
osk Onscreen keyboard
optionalfeatures Windows feature wizard (turn optional features on/off)
perfmon.msc / Perfmon Performance monitor
powercfg.cpl Power option
PrintBrmUix Printer Migration
rsop.msc Resultant set of policy wizard
regedit Registry editor
rekeywiz Encryption file system wizard
soundrecorder Sound recorder
sndvol Sound volume mixer
stikyNot Sticky Note
sysedit System Configuration Editor
snippingtool Snipping tool
sysdm.cpl System properties
services.msc Services wizard
syskey Windows System Security Tool
secpol.msc Local security policy wizard
sigverif File signature verification tool
timedate.cpl Time and date updation wizard
tabcal Digitizer calibration tool
telephon.cpl Phone and Modem Options
TpmInit Trusted Platform Module
taskmgr Task manager
Utilman Ease of access center
verifier Driver verifier manager
wmimgmt.msc Windows Management Infrastructure
wscui.cpl Action center
write word pad

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