Friday, 16 December 2011

Get yours own IP address

This is a trick by which u will be able to knw about ur own IP address.
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For those who don't know wats an IP address is we will give u short explanation.
An IP address is an  Internet Protocol address (IP address).
Some times u may heard that "Hey they might track you through ur IP"
This is what it means

An IP address means ur address in short.
Whenever u take and internet connection u need to fill up the form. this form goes to the company which is providing u internet connection. And all information is stored the name, address, phone number under a serial number. which becomes ur IP address
IP address is stored in form of binary numbers.

Whenever u do any task on the internet it is been done under ur IP address indirectly you, yourself address.

If u do any crime, phissing and all dat expert can detect ur IP and can reach till you just by a request to information to the company providing u net services.

So now u knw how important is IP address.

IN this trick u will be able to knw about ur own IP address

The trick starts from here.

1) Go to Google
2) or click here
3) and just type this words IP
4) you will just get the number below the search bar. such as this image
know your ip address, ip address of my computer, my computer ip address

Or u directly click here and knw ur address
( damn easy way)

IP address of my computer


  1. Thanks for your information. I have also found this site here i got my external ip address,ip address location,country etc..

    1. thankyou dora cute for sharing such a good site with us. There are many sites on the internet which will tell you about your IP address . But to be on safe on internet I will still recommend Google :)



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