Monday, 28 November 2011

How can a virus be created (information)

As a Request by our users we will be giving u tricks how to create a virus.
OK remember create this virus on ur OWN RISK.
virus creation, how can a virus be created

What will this Virus Do ?
- It will Destroy The "My Document Folder"

The trick start frm here:
1) Open notepad .Start → Accessories → Notepad

2) Copy / Paste the code given below.
     in the box

3) Then Save it
4) Go in option → Save As.
5) Enter Name whatever u want and just in the end type ".bat"
6) Eg. Save it as "Virus.bat"

Now remember give this file to someone else don't try to open it. Otherwise ur own file will be deleted.

U may send it through Pen-drives, Mail etc..
Again Do it on ur own Risk..

Wait for more we are gonna give u more tricks later

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