Monday, 21 November 2011

Create ur own Calculator

It really bores when u have do simple calculation such as additions and subtractions..
but the digits are so much that it cant be done orally so u have to search a calculator. But then u have to minimize
the internet browser → go in searching calculator in ur computer → then enter number
ohhh such a long processs

This trick will show u how to create ur own calculator.
In this trick it is to create a webpage with a calculator.. so u don't have to close/minimize ur browser..

The trick is basic a designing a webpage..ur own webpage it is damn easy..we will help u at step with images..
 The trick start from here:

notepad logo
1) Open notepad (click here for more info) normally.

2) Copy the following code in the box :

I know its something some people may only understand. In simple words it is a code. continue the follwing steps.
3) Click on file → Save as - Create ur own Calculator

4) Choose location we suggest/default Desktop. see on the left of the following image.↓ - Create ur own Calculator

5) Type there "Calculator.html" or whatever u like but remember in the end type " .html " - Create ur own Calculator

6) Click on save and done u can use it with ur mouse to enter numbers.

Even bookmark it if u want it to appear it in the toolbar of ur browser so need to search also..
That's it..
Wait for the next tricks



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