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Kaizen Principle in Blogging

Kaizen, kaizen in blogging, continuous improvement , Kaizen

I think no one has ever mentioned the Kaizen Principle in Blogging till now. And I think its very important that every blogger must understand and should apply this principle.
    What is Kaizen ?                                                                           
Kaizen is a Japanese Word which means "Good change". But it is more consider as Good Improvements. It is a principal which promotes the importance of quality and continuous improvement in business and organisations. When I heard & read about it, it amazed me and it gave me an idea that principal can be applied in blogging as many things in blogging are same as in business.

    Steps For Kaizen                                                                          
This principle is simple based upon What Works , What Doesn't Works and What Works Better !

Improvement here should be classified in two parts :
1) Problem Solving Improvement.
2) Continuous Improvement.

PROBLEM SOLVING : Simply means that a problem has occurred and proper measures should be taken to solve it immediately . Problem can be Big or Small.

1. You come to know about a problem.
2. Take a small survey about it, whether the problem really exists or no.
3. Define the problem to understand what exactly is the problem.
4. Think and make solution for it and choose the best solution which save time, effort , money etc.
  Plan A and Plan B
5. Apply the plan you made.
6. Take a Review of your plan and see whether problem still remains or no.
7. If problem still exists follow the steps again but this time considered the steps earlier taken as well as not to repeat it.
8. If problem is solved take feedback to ensure it and follow continuous improvement.

CONTINUOUS : Here things works the way they are but still there is a scope of improvement so efforts should be taken in accordance.

1. Sorting out things which need improvements as :
    a. Urgent and Important improvements.
    b. Urgent but not Important improvements.
    c. Important but not Urgent improvements.
    d. Nor Urgent , neither Important improvements.
2. Understand whats measures can be taken, collect solutions, collect suggestions and all other things which would help.
3. Make plans and apply it.
4. Review by yourself.
5. Take feedbacks.
6. Follow again everything for Good & Continuous Improvements
Kaizen, kaizen in blogging, continuous improvement , Kaizen

For example for Problem Solving : You come to know to about a problem from your visitors, on your social networking page or from any other source.
take a small survey in sense is to make sure that problem really exist or no. First confirm that and later on move to other steps. It might even happen that everything is proper from your side and visitors hardware problem is there so he is facing problem or something else.
Defining a problem is actually understanding a problem fully, it might even happen that you consult someone for help a professional or some for help, so for it you need to tell the problem properly such as you do when you visit a doctor you tell him everything properly.
Making plan is important and it is the most time consuming step. You should make plan on the basis of how it will affect the implementing time, Amount of work, money and other factors which are important. Such as domain name problems some domain providers are blocked in some countries so visitors from that country are not able to visit. So a new domain providers should be searched depending on time, money cost etc.From experience I can say that you should make two plan : Plan A, Plan B . If the first fails then other will work.
After application of plan take a review first, you yourself check it whether the problem is solved or no. After that take a review, feedback from visitors or a professional. It will be good.

For example for Continuous :
First of all what the difference between a problem and a improvement. Problem is a problematic thing which if do not work, some loss may even occur in it such as loss of time, loss of money, not able to view contents or something like that. In improvement things will work even if you do not touch it but there is a scope for improvement.
Classify improvements on the basis of urgent and important. What is to be done first is written above.
Understand what improvement can be made, this step is time consuming. Here planning should be done. After that make plans and just apply it You yourself check it first and then take reviews and feedback from others such as how is the new design , color etc. Follow it again and do it regularly such as month or quarterly as you prefer but keep the cycle going !

   Applicable Areas                                                                           
Design of your Blog.
Arrangement of Widgets on your blog.
Font type, color, size.
Background color & Color variations.
Blogs URL.
Blogs loading time.
No of post, types of post, Categories of post etc.
Length of post, language of post, images , videos steps etc.
No . of authors , Most like and unlike author, authors suggestions etc.
Rss feed problems , Social Networking sites connections , links , update and everything.
Promotion of your blog , link exchange , etc.

These are just like common problems and scopes of improvement it varies as per the blog you have.


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  2. Nice thinking Dear Sanket Misal, through this way you made peoples unable at when they are thinking to apply Kaizen Training in there businessess and when they are hiring a team for this ... I am looking your daily spirit about this blog and I really appreciate you for this to come us know about latest techniques about Kaizen.

  3. I guess you have created a few really fascinating points. Not as well many others would really think about this the way you just did. I am really impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been revealed and you did it so nicely, with so considerably class. Brilliant one, man! Truly wonderful things right here.
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