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Here's How you can be ROAD SAFE with NSDF

Road safety is an important concern in today's busy life. I see people talking on phone and their little ones on the other hand and crossing the road where there's no zebra crossing. This surely is not safe.
I see people teaching their kids to look Right and left before crossing but when they cross on roads they even don't wait for the signal to go RED.

There are a lot of examples. I saw a initiative by NISSAN called as Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF). An online based forum where safety is promoted. Must check it out
The Nissan Safety Driving Forum

Well here some safety tips from NSDF as well as from me to make road safe.

Roads safety should be considered important by automobiles drivers as well as pedestrians
    Tips for Drivers :                                                                           

1. Dont act Illiterate ! Know and Follow Traffic rules . Specially signal colors Red , Yellow and Green.
2. Always prefer to stop your car when the signal is going to turn RED. Don't try to escape and  increase your speed to save in some time.
3. Zebra crossing is for pedestrian to cross not for your car to stop on it. Always be careful when you come across such crossing Some Senior citizen even might be crossing.
4. Do not take shortcuts ! The Government has spend money so that cars can drive on asphalt road, Drivers go from narrow lanes in full speed sometimes from foot paths.
5. Dont Drink and Drive. (you all know it but rarely someone follows )
6. Avoid Phone Calls while driving & yes even texting ! (better keep it on Airplane Mode )
7. Maintain safe distance between vehicles even in front of you might be a bicycle rider.
8. Do not drive even if you might be feeling sleepy. (drink energy drink if you feel.)
9. Wear a seatbelt and even tell others, sitting beside you and behind you to wear SEAT BELT.
10.Wear helmets and drive safely on roads (Road is not a stage to show your riding skills.)

We all know these things but rarely follow it . You can search over the internet about the accidents happen in this country and the no. of death happened . Teenagers are top in this list . approx 40% do not have a driving license / fake license. Sad but true.

Both parents and the teen should be responsible for it and make sure that they themselve / kid knows about the rules and have passed the driving test in order to get a license.

This will not only save his life but others life too. Many people are a prey of accidents due to the mistakes of others and result is their loss of their life ! (Animals are also not excluded from the list.)

    Tips for Pedestrians                                                                       

1. Open up your eyes ! (even it might be a one way road watch right as well as left.) Its necessary to understand that you are walking on a road. Specially when you are crossing. Cross only when the signal turns red. To save few seconds  you might lose your life.
2. Be careful with kids or with those whom your are walking. Hold hands of the kids specially and see that you walk from the side where cars are coming & goings so to be safe.
3. Do not show multitasking skill while walking, jogging such as reading somethings, listening to music., phone calls , kids & taking your dog for a walk etc. Do these where cars are less or where its safe to walk.
4. Assist small kids , physically challenged , senior citizen to walk / cross. This will even avoid traffic.
5. Foot path are been made so that people can walk from there not from road. Again Avoid Shortcuts just to save few minutes of time.
6. Have patience while walking and crossing the signal will turn RED .
7. Cross properly if there is a zebra crossing and no signal . Don't walk in front and go back and again go in front do not hesitate . This will also confuse the driver and will end up in accident.
8. Walk properly do not run, stop. The vehicle drivers gets confused in it and might run the vehicle upon you.
9. Do not leave kids or pets on the road. Mostly pedestrian accident occurs with kids as seen many times kids run to catch the ball and get hit by a car. You should be the person responsible and act as a Guardian.

I think I mention the minimum numbers of most important points in this post. This post is even not related to blog but I think it my responsibility to spread awareness regarding the road safety things.

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  1. Nissan did a great job with this campaign. My cousin who worked with a DUI attorney Los Angeles till couple of years ago used to tell us how due to no awareness many young people get behind the wheel when high on alcohol and then repent for rest of their lives.

  2. I guess you have created a few really fascinating points. Not as well many others would really think about this the way you just did. I am really impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been revealed and you did it so nicely, with so considerably class. Brilliant one, man! Truly wonderful things right here.
    ld hardas

  3. Awesome tips you got here. A very informative post. There's a new way to make the pedestrians and the drivers to be attentive. Have you heard of pedestrian lane art? I think this idea will be helpful. Anyway, Thank you for sharing these tips!



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