Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cool Google tricks

Cool Google Tricks, google tricks

Google is a Great Search Engine Which is Famous World Wide. It is a very Useful website. But some people who are working with Google and Use it a lot May be even getting bore due to it's Old & Simple Theme.
Here are some trick that u will love and use it.
Starting with Google Sphere..
1)  Google Sphere :
        This website is same as Google and even may be doing the same function. To view this Website.
1. Go to i.e
2. Type In the Search Box " Google Sphere ".
3. Go to The first Link which is there.
4. And discover what's different in the original and this Google Sphere Version.
5. Well this website is created by Mr.Doob (later on we will describe this)
             ( the link may change so we  recommend the above method through Google )
This is the best trick of Google.

2) Google Gravity :
   This website possesses the Law Of Gravity.
1. Again same procedure i.e Go to Google
2. Type in Search " Google Gravity " Click on first Link
3. All things stick to the ground. As if there is gravity.
4. Visit here and enjoy
6. The Link is
7. Wait there it may take some time.
8. Again created by Mr.Doob.

3) Google Hacker :
1. Same Procedure here Go in Google → Search → type
2. Google Hacker
3. It look like its hacked (we did not think like this it is been described such) Click on first Link
4. Or visit this Link↓

4) Google Pacman Game :
1. Got Bored on Internet play the pacman game on google Free without any download.
2. Go Google → Search  → google Pacman.
3.Click on first Link
4. Or
5. Use keyboard button arrows to play such as these buttons '←↑↓→'

5) Google Epic :
1.In epic Google you will see the font size of Google increasing automatically as if it will come out of your computer screen.
2. Go to
3. Type Epic Google
4. Click on first Link
5. The link is this

6) Weenie Google :
1. In weenie Google you will see the font size Goes on Decreasing it i opposite of epic google.
2. Go to
3. Type Weenie Google
4. Click on first Link
5. The link is

7) Annoying Google :
1.This type of Google makes us angry.
    same as the above procedure
2.Go to
3. Type Annoying Google
4. Click on first Link
5. The link is this

That's it wait for the next trick until then
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