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Scary Trickss..!!

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Well there are two latest scary tricks with me which im sharing here..the tricks are quite simple just you have to convince ur friend and tell them to open this thing through this link... This tricks are damn scary and I recommend that this should be try only on strong hearten peoples..this are damn scary
Also see to it that the volume must be high so the tricks works really fantastic..
Updated on 19 May 2013 -

Check Your Concentration Power :
for this image I have created a fake post you can give them this link..

Read Your Mind

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Yakult and Mentos
The Yakult and Mentos commercial it seems like a experiment what will happen when mentos is mixed with yakult. But nothing happens and a scary face appear in the end. its fantastic as everybody is excited to see what is reaction with yakult. I recommend to show both the video such as mentos with coke and mentos with yakult show yakult second this will really scare them off. :-) :-D

First trick :
  • Tell ur friend to go in Google and search for this thing
  • ru/mov0001.swf
  • and click on the first search result..that is this website..
  • If you want to open this link CLICK HERE !!! CaREFULL
  • You should convince your friends to open this link..directly of through Google..
  • The trick from where I got there was written like this "If you want to become a millionaire Go to Google search this thing.."  ' ru/mov0001.swf ' (without quotes) and click on the first link..
  • Or tell your friends that go on Google type this ' ru/mov0001.swf  ' and click on I'm feeling lucky (an option beside search button on Google click on it for more information)
  • The result from any ways end upon a software in which there is an scary pic of a Ghost which cum on zooming..and zooming out..and Just a Scary voice in the Background..Try it its fantastic...
  • Ways to tell ur friends that open it : 1)I told u one above tell that search this thing if you want to become a millionaire ..and 2) is see this new software of Nokia its really cool must watch it 3)New theme of Nokia free download Fantastic it is.. 4) Same thing blackberry's New software of BBM chatting really cool and easy must watch it 5) Fantastic Video just can't stop laughing..If u watch this u will share it..
  • There are many ways to do this thing..and I know it will be quiet easy for u all
  • Even wen u share this on Facebook don't worry Facebook does not give any thumbnail of it..cause its a one thing who ever see it will have to visit there and see this..first scary trick end here
Second trick :
  • OK this I specially recommend for Really Strong Hearten People and the volume should high its real scary but this is specially made for Facebook
  • The scary trick in this is a profile of a Dead girl which is been made up in 1947..It exactly same as Facebook profile..Hence I said it for Facebook members
  • When u share this link tell that its ma friends profile and she has been dead now u must watch here pics she was so beautiful..Etc what u want to add u can add so that other people may get eager to see it
  • When u click on it a warning occurs but after some time ..but tell ur friends to watch here pic/photos wat ever u want to say them say it
  • Once they click on photos to see it A ghost come tearing the screen and shouting very hard..Don't worry its a graphic visual and there is no harm to computer screen
  • Its very scary..Must watch it again facebook doesn't shows thumbnail of it so people seeing it have to watch the link..
  • The link is this
  • Copy it and fake on Facebook wat ever u want and share it..thats it U also watch it Really Fantastic..if you will like it like this below..
Scary Car Commercial video
I knw it is old but some may not know it
link you upload it on blog or some webpage or download it :

The Maze Game
Wen u reach till the end a scary face appears

Must try yourself  :-D also

I would also like to tell you that you don't try this tricks together both or people would not watch it properly..Enjoy and wait for the next trick

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