Wednesday, 14 September 2011

How to create a Reader Program...

Sometimes there are some words which we can't understand..and we need some one to pronounce it ..but there is no one available near by and hate to go on the internet and search a website and then go on it..then enter the word which we need...Really a lengthy Process and time consuming..& Boring also ☺
So here is a trick to create a program that pronounces the word which is been written in start from here:

  1. Mostly all the program which I show you here are created by notepad so open notepad

    • Same way from Start Menu →All programs→Accessories→Notepad.
    • As shown in the below pic..icon will be like the above pic..
  3. After Opening Notepad copy the following script and paste it in notepad (only which is highlighted)
  4. Dim message, sapi
    message=InputBox("What do you want me to say -"," Reader")
    Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
    sapi.Speak message
  5. And then Go in File → Save → choose your path such as if u want it on desktop or any other local disk..
  6. After that go on file name type Reader.vbs & below that there is "save as type" change it to "All files"
  7. Then done the trick is done go to the local disk/directory/path where u have save the reader
  8. The file will look like this →
  9. Open it (double click) a box will appear
  10. Click on it enter the word which u want to hear or pronounce..then click on OK just like the below picture given : ↓
  11. It will pronounce what ever u have typed...
  12. And it will get close automatically
  13. Sometime it may also ask for this warning ↓
  14. If you want the computer  to it prompt while opening such file's let the tick remain there If u don't want this warning always u open such file " UN tick " it..Then click on Open to Open Cancel to close 
  15. The trick is done U can edit it later also by ' Right click'  on the file ' Edit '
  16. Ok trick ends here
This is the extra Part If u see in the script where I have written What do you want me to say - here u can edit it Or type there say what do u want me to say/pronounce etc whatever you wish In the 2nd last pic here it is written' what do you want me to say -Sanket ' hope u found that pic
The second word after that ," Reader")  Is www.tricky... u can edit it and write anything u want it will appear as title 2nd last pic from here it is written in white www.trickytr.... there it will appear 
See that u don't remove any commas, or Quotes from above write it in between this (" what u want to write " )
It will not work if u remove anything from the above given

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