Thursday, 14 May 2015

Amazing Airtel App

 There has been time when I have reviewed about a smartphone apps Here I am talking about one of the most gigantic telecommunication company majorly operating in  India it is "AIRTEL" and its new featured app called as airtel app.
Software are been made to make life easier and mobile apps are mini software who make things fast, easier and within some touch things get solved. And airtel app is one of those app who helps in getting things get solved quickly and easily!

If I would have asked about the top 3 feature of this app it would be like :

1. Multitasking
    This app can do multiple things from your Broadband , your DTH services to your prepaid and postpaid service all in one place.Recharge your DTH, Pay your bills, checkout your account usage, track your service requests, buy stuffs, add your close one's numbers and much more.

2. Fast & Quick
   Again it is an app so the long procedure are cut down. If you use to remember first you have open your browser, then login, then login combination failed, retry, loading and caching then finally it use to get load and worst could happen is loose in your internet connection and yucks !
   App is a quick way to login,explore and carry out the transaction quickly even in limited data connection with low internet speed. So I could say airtel app is that fast and quick !

3. Easy & Simple
    Airtel is one of most advanced company operating in India and it knows it customers they do not have so technical knowledge about the apps and how to update, carry out transaction etc. Airtel have made sincere efforts in keeping the app easy and simple so a vast majority of mass could make use of the application.From my personal experience if I could give some basic training to my friends, elders who are not so into technicality this app will surely make it easy & help them to do all the stuff in one place and save a whole lot of valuable time.

With multiple features, simplicity and security I could suggest that this is one of the best app that a telecommunication company could make and maintain. You could get more information about it from -

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