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The Reason Why Niche Blogging has NO Future

    What is Niche Blogging ?                                                             
Niche is a small part of a small part. I can explain with a simple example - there is a Cake you cut it in 4 parts and you get 1/4th of it and more people come in, further the 1/4 is divided into more smaller part. Just imagine you will get such a small amount of cake and obviously that piece of cake is not enough for you.

Same is with niche blogging, you keep blogging on a small part of a part of a topic. For example like you choose your blog as a tech blog and further you choose only Gadgets as your niche topic.
Yes , it will be a detailed and statistical and exact blog post and also it will cover all the aspect of your niche topic. But there are various reason which made me believed that niche blogging has no future.
Just like a small piece of a cake is not enough for you, same way Niche blog is not enough for your Visitors !

1. Less topic to post:
As said that niche is a part of part. Taking the above example of Gadgets. Blogging only about gadgets will be good, but how far you will post. To post about gadgets, that many amount of gadgets should be invented and launched to keep your blog running. With  less amount of post or less amount of frequent and continuous post will make you loose you precious visitors.
As I say always " Creating a blog is not a big thing, but keeping the blog running that is a big thing ! ".

2. Lack of Interesting Topics
Ok now you decided to post about gadgets and gadgets only. It will be difficult for you to find post about gadgets out of that your post should be interesting. Visitors don't bookmark your site until they find a good amount of interesting blogpost. As they say " Content is king " i.e. Quality content is good for your blog as you are already posting about a small lane of topic you have either two option, To post whatever related contents you have no matter they are interesting or boring or Maintain the quality of your blog and post interesting stuff only. You choose anything you are going to loose your visitors.

Until now Niche blogging has not fulfill the two main important principle of blogging !

3. Lazy Visitors
As they teach in business Customer are King but now they have became Emperor. Similarly for us , Bloggers Our visitors are our customer the more the visitors  the more the benefit or  profit I can say. And Visitors are lazy we have to make available all the things to them that's why we put shortcuts and links. Same way if a blog is providing contents only related to a specific topic then visitors will have to go to various blogs for various type of contents. So they would prefer a blog where they get post on nearly all types of topics. The more you offer the more benefit you get.

4. No new Contents
Ok now you decided to blog about gadgets only and interesting post only. But the contents which you are offering would be same, to the other blog who is offering post on technology as well it include the gadgets posts So visitors would be like "Hey I have read this news / tech on that blog its the same, nothing to do here ." There is nothing unique in your blog and visitors would not prefer to read the same thing which they have read. Yes if you give them something unique then you might be at advantage else No. As the above point, lazy visitors they would choose a blog where they offer everything !

5. Rigid Style of Blogging
Niche blogging I feel is a Rigid style of blogging You have to decide through a narrow lane of topics now you cannot go here or there . You either go through it or go back and choose another lane. Blogging should be flexible many attempts are been made to make the blog flexible. Bloggers appoint various authors because they do not find time . Either they will do it or other option is there As compared to blog post If there is no interesting post then you cannot post anything not related to it All cause of your niche this might even affect your ranking if you try and do so. So this is very rigid.

6. Less Amount of topic available
By this point I am sure you would have agreed that niche has less topic and even If it has, then too very less interesting topic. Even there are a good amount of interesting topic but they won't be frequent . So much problems in niche style of blogging How come still it is in existence ?

7. Less visitors
Less visitors equals less motivation .Niche blogging is mostly followed by those who are expert in it who understand the detail of it. Ok lets take a example we will take the old example only of Gadgets blog Now you posted that XYZ gadget have got this intel quad pro core processor, which is better than the old intel core two dual processors and its loaded with 2.3 GHz processor. You only think how many people would understand this and would be interesting in reading this post. Only those who have an idea or a full knowledge of this topic would read it and there are very less people as such and out of those less people , most of them are busy at work.
This makes the blog having less visitors !

8. Lots of Efforts
Niche blogging is not easy to carry out, It carry out a lots of work and everyone has to put a lot of efforts to make the blog a truly successful blog.
Ask yourself, do have the spirit to put in So much effort if yes then all the best. Mostly people don't have that amount of time to put in so much efforts.

Due to the above reason I could say that Niche blogging has no future.
Now the simple question still remains If it has got so many limitation then, still why does it still survive. The answer is simple If you are sick and diagnosed with a  major disease, Would you go to a local family doctor or you would think to go to a specialist ? Of course the specialist of that disease.
What did you thought ?

Niche Blogging is that specialist but its needed only when major problem occur . And you know major problem do not occur frequently. Such as a company maintaining its own blog or a website maintaining its own blog then it is good and that will work even because it will post about the company or the website only and nothing.
Now new windows is coming out in the market so a blog specifically posting about that new Windows, latest version will work on a large scale as many people will have problem in the initial period to use. 

I would suggest to make your blog which post nearly everything which is related to the main topic. As they say and even you should follow it that "You should be Jack of all and Master of one." Simply saying that you should post about everything but should stick to your main topic or niche and posting as well should have more detail knowledge of it.

 Sticking to this post All this above reason which I have mentioned has made niche blogging survive and surely it will survive in the near future but at personal small level I still think Niche blogging is not suitable. Rest is up to you BLOGGERS !


  1. I guess you have created a few really fascinating points. Not as well many others would really think about this the way you just did. I am really impressed that there is so much about this subject that has been revealed and you did it so nicely, with so considerably class. Brilliant one, man! Truly wonderful things right here.
    ld hardas

  2. One of the worst articles I read about niche blogging. The writer doesn't have any idea about the power of niche blogging. See my blog here and rethink about your points :)

    1. Thankyou for your feedback , if you would have read the WHOLE post you would have come to know that I never doubted the power of niche blogging or it importance. I found out some reason which made me to come to the conclusion that niche blogging survival in the future would be difficult.
      All the best with your blog BTW don't forget to see my blog at

  3. Hi Sanket. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Niche blogging is difficult. No doubt about it. Nonetheless if you work with it intelligently as I have done with my blog, you will certainly succeed. Niche blogging needs far more patience than a general blog. Thanks



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