Sunday, 25 May 2014

Use Instagram on PC

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Instagram is one of most used social networking,image and video sharing service with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger . By the way it doesn't matter which service we use. Facebook is handling both whatsapp as well as insta. But some people just want to use insta on pc and save their mobile data plan.
Here's how.

I felt it like a good way to use your instagram on the internet . No download, everything online. And the way we want it. Here you can do a lot of things. The only thing is that you cannot upload image's from these website on your profile. So thats the only limitation and thats why I didn't felt it like more amazing.

1. Go the website.
2. Click on LOGIN button.
3. It will ask for authorization (Read the things if you feel like). Click on Authorize.
4. It will ask for UserId and Password. Enter it.
5.After you login you can access the feature's of it. Enjoy.

BLUESTACKS (upload feature available)
1. Go to
2. Download the software's as per your platforms.( Windows, Mac )
3. Later download the instagram application in bluestacks.
4. And same way Login with your ID and Password.
5. Its just like using instagram on PC.
Thats great with that you can upload image's even and use other Application even.

I think that enough for you But still if you want more than.

1. Visit the site and download the instagrille installer
2. Same way install it and you will see it in your taskbar.
3. Click on the application icon and click on login.
4. Login and use Instagram !

1. visit the site and same procedure Login and use it !

If you just to want to browse your instagram. You can just visit and browse but I felt it abit rigid and difficult to use. But it works.


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