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Social Networking Sites Psychological Effect & Reasons

Social networking, problems, psychological problems, Facebook problems, Twitter problems, Tricky Tricks, Sanket Misal
Social networking websites have become a important part of our life. We like , comment, share, follow , tweet etc. Nearly everyone who has the basic knowledge of computer and internet is on social networking website. Indeed it has a lots of advantages & when there is advantages there should be disadvantages might be few but still there are.

Social networking website problems are increasing day by day. One of the problem is on our health not physically but psychologically and that's worst. Here I have mentioned some things where a human can feel himself low, tensed and ill.

FRIENDS / FOLLOWERS : First of all the numbers of friends in your profile do matter you a lot if they are less than, somewhere or the other you might feel like sending  request to more people and when they accept your request  you will feel happy and when they don't you will feel sad. For girls I don't think it matters Girls get a lot of friend requests. For boys sending request to girls and they don't accept then, they feel low. It might also affect the level of confidence in you. And also followers are not there than you might start think that your post , tweets are not that good or funny. C'mon you might not be good in tweets or something but you will good in something else. Do that At last it would matter how are you in real life and be that awesome in real life not in this virtual world.
Well I would say that it doesn't matter, you have many friends or less friends in your friends list what matter is would anyone of them would come to help if you need them. They are your true friend.

LIKES, COMMENTS, FAVORITES : People get very sad when there is no like or comment etc. They start thinking low and think that the post they made are useless, boring or something like that losing all their interest in it. Some may even stop doing that. It like they don't post, tweet just because they don't get any response . It might be art or poem which they love to make and with no response they just stop it. Which is bad.
I guess you should do what you love and don't worry what other people think or don't give any response. People are very busy in reading trolls and other celebs news.

PHOTOS : This is the one reason why people are like to be so affected a lot. I still remember when Facebook came here and became known to everyone . Everyone started posting their photo's , video and all the clicks which they have in their camera. By watching others you feel sad about you life that you don't get that much time to enjoy or hangout and main thing that, you don't have that many friends which you see in the image. You might even feel lonely. As I told it doesn't matter how many friends you have value those who come to help in your trouble and solve them all.
I can say to you guys , stop being sad and stop thinking that you are lonely. Go out , hang out, make new friends, go on a tour, or just go on the beach or wherever you wish , Do whatever you want and don't forget to click all the photo's and do upload them. By sitting here at one place you cannot enjoy your life & you need to GO OUT !

STALKERS & THEIR HARASSMENTS : With this thing and making their profile open the numbers of stalkers increased. Many people were even been harassed. The photo which you upload are edited and made into something which will affect you or your reputation. Blackmailing you via these sites about past relationship, past mistake etc. All these came in . Facebook recently made a major changes to its privacy and made people profiles more safe. But still the tension and harassment are affecting you and psychology . And making you think about it the whole time.
I would suggest that you should allow only those people whom you know personally. And only add them as your friend or allow only friends to view your profile. Prevention is better than cure. If someone does this thing report about it to the developers such as Facebook.

JEALOUSY : This is a important factor. When some people see other's photo's and instead they feel jealous. They try to make you low like commenting bad, trying to make fun of you, your status. In any way they could do. In fact you might be enjoying your life but due to these bad comments and response of people you will start feeling low. This is all because of jealousy of other people that affect you. You might feel that bad and you might even start thinking that you are that person who is hated by everyone. Jealousy is the reason why others try to bring you down.
I would suggest that remove all those people who comment useless on your content or like make edit and play with your personal contents. Report about those thing which you feel bad (there is a option on Facebook for this ). Whenever you feel low due to others response get to it that they are jealous of your life and the way you enjoying it. Live the way you wanna live don't bother about others.

PRIVACY : Due to some bad experiences with themselve, or some close friends, relatives. Many people are now very cautious about the photo's they click.They even get angry if someone else click their photos and store it. Its like a bad effect has occur on their mind due to this thing. They maintain a lot of privacy in real life also. Privacy should be there but we live a society and here we cannot keep our own self that totally private.
This is a very serious problem and people might even get aggressive due to the past bad experiences. They should consult someone who need to cure them and make them normal.

WHERE IT LEADS ? This lead to a problem where the bad effects of it last for a very long time or even throughout your life. If this has not occur with you that doesn't mean it won't happen in future. You should be cautious about the photos you upload, share , send. People you have in your friend list , how are they and all about them. Many accounts are closed down every day on the basis of such complaints and all . Many complaints have been daily filed due to harassment on social networking sites.
In fact social networking website's have made some major changes in our life and the way we live. But we should be careful also.
Social networking, problems, psychological problems, Facebook problems, Twitter problems, Tricky Tricks, Sanket Misal

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