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7 Important Elements for a Good Blog Post

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Many bloggers are always searching for tricks and tips to write a good blog post. They even try spreading their blog links every where on social networking website, go and comment on others blog and add your link there etc. All this attempts are good but they forget the basic important things which are necessary for a blog post. Here I have listed those things which are necessary for each and every blog post.
And if you are one of them then you might need to start working on it to improve. If you see post were bloggers say " Content is King " which is true, they mean to say that all your content in your post should be good, the best you can write. Lets see to it.

1.Title : It's the first thing which visitors see before making the decision whether to read your post or not. It's like your first impression on visitor and remember, your First Impression is indeed your Last Impression, its the only chance where you can attract visitors if title itself is boring then post will also be that boring. This is the way visitors think. So to attract new visitors you need to have a Good title.
For eg: You writing about mobiles phone, and give title "Mobile phone new technology in market" here the title itself is boring visitor might not feel interested in reading this.If you changed your title to "Now technology is in your Hands with Mobile Phones" or " Future technology comes in your Hand with Mobile Phone" etc like this. So title is really important element and every blogger need to concentrate on it.
2. Use of Graphics : It has proven that people understand the most if they see a video, they understand well if they see images and they understand least if they read only text. So use of graphics should be made in your blog post to make your post more interesting, attractive, and truly useful. At least one image should be there in your every blog post.Blogger give you free space for uploading images which you should make use
of it. Adding video's is the best for any blog post, nowadays people prefer to watch videos rather than read text. If videos and images are not available create one or buy images from website which sell professional images. Add charts, diagrams, bar graphs or pie charts all those which are in graphical format.It is really useful and your content gets more professional and easy to understand .
3. Image, Text Alt & Captions : Image alt are those tags which are like search tags they are been by used by search engine like Google. Whenever a user searches for something Example: he enters something like 'computer' and in your images alt tag you have mentioned the word 'computer' then that image might be shown in the search result. It useful when people search for Images, alt tags plays a very important role in bringing traffic through images. Same with text but to add these alt tags you need to know the method how to enter it, you can get it easily search for it as per your blogging platforms on the internet. Entering captions also helps in better understanding of the image when there are many images included in a post, then make it compulsory to add caption for every image so that the user don't find it difficult to understand which images is related to what. And it become easy for relating it with some where else
example : In this post check out 'Diagram no. 8 : Types & classification.' Here you have mentioned the caption on images types and classification so it become easy to understand and direct.
blogging tips, important blogging elements, tips for bloggers, good blog post
4. Labels : Labels are like those categories which you add to your post. I guess everyone would be knowing about it but they forget to add labels to their post. Many visitors are only interested in the things which they want and they will only read post related to their interest. With labels you can make a classifications of post and visitors can directly click on the label which they interested & read only those post related to it. Labeling is important and very useful for bloggers. By displaying labels on the blog visitors become regular they come again and again to read the post related to the topics which they like. And with that you can even get information about what types of post people are interested, you can understand their need and post as per the information which you get .
5. Permalink : Or you can call it as your post URL. There is an option where you can decide your permalink for the post. You share your post link everywhere people read it and by giving your permalink an interesting word you can increase your chances of visitors to arrive on your blog through your blog post. example : You put up something for download and the default link is there " " or " " Here links are normal but if make some changes in them such as " " or " ". Visitors will think about it for a moment. So your post link is also important as your title. Think over it. 
6. Search Description : When ever you write a post if you can see on the right hand side of your bloggers in new post there is tab where you can enter the search description about your blog post. It like a meta search option which is for your post. It will be shown on search engines if you post it on Facebook it would be shown there also. It important that you write a proper search description Visitors might read it and may think to read your post. You can even include some points in your search description from your post such as the starting 4 lines of your post it also works. I don't think you must miss any search description on your blog post they are really important. But also see to it that you don't mention everything in your search description else no one come on your blog to read it. It is available for your respective blogging platform search for it
7. Font : I don't think font as that important element but I have visited blog and seen that they should choose a proper font for their blog so I decided to also include it in this. I also seen the size is very small or somewhere the size is too big. Even the color combination with the background doesn't match at all. Sometime it hurts your eyes and we cannot keep continue reading it. Blogger need to understand that font is also important I see where title are all in capital letter and font is like old English type with swirls I was not able to understand all letters of it because the size was also small. So I would suggest that blogger should use simple or default fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia , Calibri which get loaded in nearly every browser and is there in every computer. Color should be as your blog background not to dark that hurts your eyes & not to light that you cannot see it, it should be proper. Size again should be normal not small nor very big. If you are not sure about the font then ask your friends to visit your blog and ask their opinion on it.

This things are important for your blog post and I learned it after spending a lot of time in blogging. Beside this also see to it that now you don't edit anything in your older post such as URL, Title because it would affect your search rating on search engines. Also your post is important with quality post this things are of no use. As you would have heard it Post Quality not Quantity. Well just keep it in your mind and see to it that you use it from your next post. Well that's all for this post. I would love to hear from you comment here below and also give trickytricks a like on Facebook. Stay connected.



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