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Robert Noyce - The Mayor of Silicon Valley

 One of the name which is synonymous in the whole IT industry is Robert Noyce.Robert Noyce known by his nick name "The Mayor of Silicon Valley".His full name was Robert Norton Noyce.He was also known as Bob Noyce. And "The Man Behind MicroChip" Why he became so famous and gain so much respect it was due to his contribution to the IT world.
He was the inventor of the Integrated Circuits or microchips with Jack Kilby. Integrated circuits are the small   chips which fueled in the revolution of personal computers.Now everyone can have his own computer at his home. Truly a Revolution for all the users.
Robert Noyce - The Mayor of Silicon Valley, bob noyce, silicon valley, great inventor of IT industry, intel, microprocessor, integrated circuits

It was due to his Invention Silicon Valley got its name.He was born in Burlington,Iowa. He was born on 12th  December,1927.He was the 3rd child of fourth of Rev. Ralph Brewster Noyce & Harriet May Norton.
He studied in local school.He was a great in Mathematics & Science.In college days he sang songs and even acted.His friend use to also called him Rapid Robert due to his rapid and fast thinking and decision making.As an undergraduate he joined in  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for doctoral program in physics and he completed it.He once attended a lecture of Grant Gale on physics and he was so fascinated and amazed by it he decided to join MIT for the same.

After graduation from MIT he joined for his first job as a research engineer at the Philco Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Later he left it in 1956 for the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in Mountain View, California.In which he had issue's with the management and left Shockley's Labs with other 7 members at the same time.Later on he co-founded one of the famous IT company Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation. It was here where the Integrated Circuit was develop. Later on he left Fairchild corp and founded his own corporation with Gordon Moore known as Intel Corporation in 1968.
Robert Noyce - The Mayor of Silicon Valley, bob noyce, silicon valley, great inventor of IT industry, intel, microprocessor, integrated circuits,noyce foundation
Arthur Rock, a major investor in the company and chairman of Intel's board and had faith that Intel will succeed.He needed three people Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andrew Grove.Robert Noyce was CEO in Intel and is consider as the best CEO of Intel.Arthur needed Robert as the visionary & born to inspire; It was he who brought up the friendly environment in the corporation. Its known as "roll up your sleeves" style.Firstly it was all corporate style dressed properly in formals wear a coat and etc which was kind of discipline thing. Robert Noyce treated employees as Family rather than friends. He just changed the corporate environment and made it a totally relaxing environment.Now where Google does the same.

Robert Noyce was a Role Model for all the future CEO's of Intel Corporation.Same at Intel he saw the Ted Hoff's invention of microprocessors, which was the second revolution and Intel still continues in making new generation of microprocessors.

In 1953 he married Elizabeth "Betty" Bottomley she was a graduate and they had 4 children Unfortunately the marriage ended up in divorce and moved on to Maine and received couple half asset. There she became area's philanthropist and art collector she died in 1996.
In 1974 he married again to Ann Schmeltz Bowers. Bowers,she received an honorary Ph.D. from the University of Santa Clara, where she was a trustee herself for nearly 20 years. She then became the  first Director of Personnel for Intel Corporation and then later became the first Vice President of Human Resources for Apple Inc.
She is now currently serves as Chair of the Board and the founding trustee of the Noyce Foundation.

Robert Noyce - The Mayor of Silicon Valley, bob noyce, silicon valley, great inventor of IT industry, intel, microprocessor, integrated circuits

Robert Noyce had an heart attack at home on 3rd June 1990 and later on he died at Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas.

He received award from the three president of united states for developing the Integrated Circuit.President of USA Ronald Reagan awarded him with National Medal of technology.,1987.Later with US business Hall of Fame with ceremony organised by US president George H. W. Bush.With Jack Kilby for Lifetime Achievement Award.Later on with National Medal of Science & Charles Stark Draper Prize. The science building at alma mater of Grinnell College was whole named after him.And one of the best award which we all may have seen was that Google honoured him with a doodle in 2011 on his birthday or 84 anniversary .

The Noyce Foundation was founded in 1991 by his family. Foundation is dedicated for improving public education in mathematics and science.

I myself feel so proud due the contribution made by Robert Noyce to the IT world Indeed its due to him that we are able to see this day. Integrated Circuits are considered as the Heart of any system just imagine a System without a heart. No doubt why he was awarded so many time by the president themselves. His Intel corp is still one of the major IT industry and he is role model of many people including me. If you like this post do share it and let Robert Noyce be known to each and everyone.

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  1. The last picture of Bob was you have was taken at Semitech in Austin tx. It was my lab. Bob was an amazing guy to know.



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