Wednesday, 19 September 2012

can songs be downloaded from youtube

You might be thinking that how can Youtube be the best site to download a video or a mp3. But its true its the best site to from where you can download nearly all songs. Actually there are many free Songs download  providers but they are that easy to download. Most them have fake download buttons (i.e advertisment) and there one more captcha test (to verify you are human or not). It really irritating.

  But on Youtube you can first see the song its quality and then later on decide whether to download it or not.There are many website from where you can download the songs Free in Video and MP3.

These site are about to Shutdown
Youtube and is taking action to shut down the site such as so that the videos and other information should stay on the internet and nobody copies it or download it..Indeed it is a foolish act and no doubt users are unhappy abt it and Youtube.By shutting down site the problem will b not solved some other ways or method will ofcourse will be developed
So there is link below and signup here and show ur support...!!!

Site Which offer to download :The method is very simple Copy video url and paste it in below site and then click on download Download will start

Download Youtube Video's in Video Format:  (verified) you just need to add a small plugin once only ( verified )

Download Youtube Video In MP3 (verified)

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