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Reasons to not apply bloggers dynamic view

do not apply dynamic view,dynamic view problem, reasons not to apply dynamic view

Blogger have introduce a new theme for bloggers and their blog. One thing I can say about it is its Fantastic. But being fantastic it has still got limitation. There are problems which all blogger will not like it. If you are new blogger then u will surely go for dynamic but if you are old and know what a blog needs then u will avoid it.

In the dynamic view there are seven different types FlipCard, Magazine, Sidebar, Snapshot, timeslide, Mosaic and Classic.
Indeed all of these are great and special according to their needs. You will wonder if there are so nice things then why do I recommend not to use it the reasons are as follow.
do not apply dynamic view,dynamic view problem, reasons not to apply dynamic view

1. Does not Support Widgets

      If you are a blogger you will knw what widgets are. In short Widgets are those script/codes by which you can add more features on your blog. Such as Installing Facebook / Twitter box or Like / Share box.etc Which comes in widgets you cannot add it there is no such option for these.
      If you read it properly I have written there There is no option for that it is true you cannot edit or add such widgets. Only there is option for RSS subscription.
You will find your blog with only post and sidebar. That too you cannot edit means the size and height.

2. No Edit Html Option

     By wedit HTML option You completely change the look of your blog by applying new plugins and themes.
You can introduce new widget sections, adjust columns, edit post body, add JavaScript,
add jquery and anything you can think of.

If you are using dynamic then you will observe that the Edit HTML button is not active in your Dashboard for your blog that is using Dynamic views.
You cannot upload a new template and cannot EDIT the HTML of your blog layout

Neither can you manually add widgets that I told above to your template. No Edit HTML section means no Difference between Blogger and Wordpress.

You cannot add social media plugins below post titles or any other plugin inside the post body.

3.It is not supported by all browsers

     The Template is build using latest in web technology like AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. Internet Explorer which is the one of the  largely used browser doesn't support CSS3 and HTML5 completely at present. So the results would look different on different browsers.
It may not even work for old versions of google chrome and firefox. So for one site no one will update their browser. LEaving a bad impression

4. No Difference

     There will be Many site with same themes/layout so it will be a common thing. Each blog hasits unique design and things. By applying it Your blog will look like others. No difference.

5.Social Networking Problem

     Dynamic views only have Google+ , Facebook like and Twitter buttons added by default at the bottom of each post. But you can not add your Facebook Like box and other social media plugins to the post section or anywhere else. Indeed a big issue concerned with social media optimization.

6. No Favicon , No Logo

     Favicon is small logo which is there in almost all blog Besides of tabs/title. Neither can you add a background image to the header of your blog nor can you add a favicon.

So you have no option at present to display your blog logo either on header or as Favicon.

7. Change of Layout
     If you are the admin of a page then your main aim will be to make your blog more nice. You will spend time on choosing the right dynamic.It will be set to default but it can be changed by each and everyone who visit there. This feature would sometime destroy the beauty. Coz some things are set with other things such as title with date. but if some one change it ur title will go with labels etc. which you would not like it

8. Dynamics Issues
     The Dynamics have problems such as the mosiac dynamic does not shows title untill some one takes his mouse on it. This may result in lost of visitor and loss of blog hits.Each dynamics has it owns limitation.

There are many Limitation to it. Hope bloggers see to it and change it. If this limitation would be fulfill then dynamic would be one of the best themes for blog. And indeed all the tricks, widgets, jquerry etc are given for old theme not new and the old are also working so I would recommend You all stay with the old themes.
Indeed on searching there are add css tags for dynamic but they are not that good and easy. You will get more with the old.

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