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Truth About

Many of u knw about some may not knw about it. A short explanation.
paisalive truth,, Truth about, paisalive scam, paisalive fake is a website where u have to signup then they will give you an account of urself (Name which you have registered).
PaisaLive is a registered Trademark of Phoenix Advanced Softwares Pvt. Ltd. This concept is Patent Pending and any duplicates of this website will be legally prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.( on paisalive,com)
Where they only send u email in that email u have click on the advertisements and view them. Then they pay u for each click/view you do and even pay you more if you are able to click and view many advertisements. Nearly you can earn INR 50 in a day.
When u signup they give u INR 99 quickly. This really feels great. And they pay by cheque on the resident address which u have entered.

On the It explains as -

. PaisaLive allows you to earn money when you check advertiser's promotion. You watch ads in your Email Website, Social Network, Newspapers, Television, but none of them pays you to check the advertisements. On the other hand, PaisaLive pays you to check our reputed advertiser's promotions.

2. PaisaLive also pays you when you login to your account daily. We send you Fresh Promotions everyday which you can check. 

3. Other than that, PaisaLive also pays you when you refer your friends to join this website and be a part of this unique revolution.

And Even this -
 PaisaLive is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick kind of website. You will not become rich overnight. Initially your earnings may be slow, but it will catch up very soon and you should be able to make regular income every month.

2. PaisaLive is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing). You don't need to sell anything to earn from

3. You don't need to pay any fees to join Its absolutely FREE to join. In fact, we and our advertisers pay you to check their promotions.

And They also give you proofs when they send cheque's. i.e scanned copy of cheques on their website.

All This Makes one feel That Let try it They will give our money when we reach INR 500.( they will cut 50 for courier)
For more info I was also One of them.

I Try hard to earn maximum in a day Nearly average i was INR 25 a day. In two days INR 50. And four days INR 100.
Nearly 20 days INR 500 and above they also give u money when u log in to ur account.

One may work hard spending more time on their website than on any other to earn more in  a month. The One refers to me. I truly believe in that site as they showed scanned copy of cheque's they give per month.
and when ur are below INR500 they do not give payment showing this message
paisalive truth,, Truth about, paisalive scam, paisalive fake

The day arrived when i reached INR 500 and above and click on Withdraw payment (an option for requesting to give payment to us)

The above Image is shown when u click on withdraw payment. If you read it you can see that i have earned
INR 580.55 (in step 1)it is the amount u have earned.

Then i click Ok i.e Review My Account For Withdrawal (you can see in the above image)
Another page appears where it is show like this - below
paisalive truth,, Truth about, paisalive scam, paisalive fake
The Main truth
It say that u need 5 referrals for payment. That means you need to give 5 more members through ur id (they give u).
Which is worst.And i have seen people complaining that they did not got their cheques till now.

You( I ) will try first the legal way sending people messages to signup so that i get the money i.e INR 500. no one of them did this.
paisalive truth,, Truth about, paisalive scam, paisalive fake Never showed this Condition Before even in their terms and conditions u can also search for it

After legal try I tried the other way i.e fake accounts. But it says it will detect ur IP address and if it the same IP address then they will deduct the amount while payment

Cant force anyone to open an account. Or cannot go at anyone's home (5 people they need )and create a account. It is worst.

My whole work is zero they take money from the advertisers and we unnecessary have to look their add and do not get anything in return.
The terms are that we should not give any fake information while signup or they will deduct the money while payment. Sometime's they just keep repeating the add for Signup and at that time u cannot signup with the same email Id or Same information for signup on same site They will deduct it later on.

Type's Of Advertisement - It Include normal advertisement, Signup Advertisement (which they give INR 2), And like advertisement i.e You have to like their Fan's pages on Facebook.

Its not me Many other have tried it
I still receive unwanted  email from that site which i have to signup due to

And I also dont knw whether if we get 5 people to join for INR500. next time again we have to give them more 5 people for our money.

You can see people saying that it is Scam and Fake Here it is.
(complains about paisalive ↑ )
(answer by yahoo ↑)
(consumer court Forum ↑)
(One more Consumer Court Forum ↑)
Still No Action Are been Taken (as per my knowledge)
people have also complaint that they have not received the cheques. 

Everyone Share This Knowledge to as Many people As Possible.

and if you wish to help me click here and Signup so that i can my Money.

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  1. This is a fraud company..
    Every one associated with this should email jaipur police to take action against all the fraudsters in Phoenix Advanced Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

    1. - Sanket from trickytricks : This is all crap and jaipur police cant do anythng..
      visit the above site and see the no. of complaints..This is the official jago grahak jago website.. Now i personally thnk only one way is left Call/Tell
      #Anonymous close down that site
      Those government were closing pirate bay and torrentz etc now wat abt paisalive ..reply

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    1. Seriously do u want people to join this site..after reading all the above content..

    2. It's Not Fraud dear ... Actually Many People Don't want to do anything and want to get quick rich ...
      But anyone can't give you oodles of money for free.

      Same for Paisalive , It's not fraud but they pays very low...

      Here I given a complete review with payment proof

      and Here's my latest payment proof ...

  4. dont know about paisa live , but am really earning my 2nd income through one of the world best online site.. and no registration fees, no need to invest and instant cashout ... don't believe check out my real payment proof with bank statements

    1. Since when you are earning money..Even on paisalive they show proof which is like 10% of the actual people who have earned the rest payments are still pending..

    2. is really true or fake??
      i am confused

  5. paisalive is 100 % fake. I spent my valuable one month there, and never received any cheque. I easily earn more than $400 -$500 per month, thanks to PPD Internet marketing.....

    1. Thank you for sharing your the way can you tell me What is PPD ..

    2. It's Not Fraud dear ... Actually People Don't want to do anything and want to get quick rich ...
      But anyone can't give you oodles of money for free.

      Same for Paisalive , It's not fraud but they pays very low...

      Here I given a complete review with payment proof

      and Here's my latest payment proof ...

    3. Kinjalk - Thanks for your opinion about paisalive. But seriously I do not agree with paisalive hidden term. The hidden term of five referrals was a bad thing but I did it and gave them 5 referrals My balance was too deducted but didn't received any money till now.
      I dnt knw d reason why they made payment to you. But as my personal experience I didn't got any money nor do I support such sites.. I will stick to my opinion considering it as a fraud.

    4. I never read any Mail .. I Only Refer members ...I think this is Why that I received My payment ... Now My Balance reach Again Rs. 1020 ... Hope I will get Next Cheque in December ..

    5. Thats amazing.. hope u get ur money.. if you are saying u only refer members ... then i think thats wat the company wants they know if they paid u...You will promote them and get new members for them to work..their thinking is awesome isnt it..


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  12. Can u tell me how to delete paisa live account?
    One more bad about this site is no security to ur personal information
    Like if some one search u on web it is showing all details without login

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