Sunday, 21 August 2011

To check DND status of Your Mobile..

DND Means Do Not Disturb
which service is been made by the Indian Goverment
For Indian Mobile Subscriber Only This Facilities is been made Available by the Goverment
Due to Complain of Suscribers Due to Unknown, Adverstisment Call and SMS..
This facilties has been stop and do not allow the SMS Groups to send such unwanted sms to Mobile..
A SMS which was been send by goverment to all..
If they want this facilties or not.
But some of them have Replied to it some have not
Does Who have replied their DND service is activated
And those who do not thier DND is not activated
If you have forgot that you activated or not..Then You can find it
  1. Through this link click on it and
  2. Enter ur phone the search box
  3. It will show whether u have activated or not
  4. It will be like this
  5. Phone Number  99******** (this is the phone no which u typed)
    The number is registered in NCPR (the no. registered or not In this case it is registered)
    Activation Date is   31-08-2009 00:46 (date of activation)
    Your Preference is 0 (what are preference means what things u have allowed in this case nothing)

Tricky Tricks Link to check(click here)

If it is activated then click on ok
Then further procedure will be given there
To activate or not to activate

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  1. You can check DND status & preference change history at TelecomDiary online.

    Check DND Status Online



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