Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hidden Camera Detection...

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I know many people like to go to shopping.. & check new outfits and clothes..
Many of them say they saw a camera in the dressing room.etc
They tried to complain also but no one listen to them and say thats not a camera
If you want to detect camera that carry out these processes :
  • Many of us have a cell phone's.
  • You will need it to check that is camera there or not.
  • When you enter in the dressing room try to call anyone from Inside.
  • If you are able to call then its ok there is no camera.
  • But if you are not able to connect then understand there is a camera fitted there. 
Things you should see is that :
Your cell phone actually have A range outside or inside if not then you will not be able to connect to any call.
See that you stay close to the wall because cameras are been fitted to the wall. There is a range in that only call will be not able to connect.
And I know this is funny but your cell phone also need balance to call.Many of them call do not get connected due to no balance.
Now a days more high-tech cameras are available even if you use a cell phone it will not affect it.But they are costly So many times they may not fit such costly cameras.

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