Saturday, 11 June 2011

Capturing Photos of Desktop..( Screen Shots )

Screen shots is the capturing of screen of your desktop or laptop.. by this you can capture photos of the screen on which your working. For this term we use the word "Screen-shot"
To do screen-shot it's simple very simple...
  • Just go that screen which you want to capture.  Eg : We use desktop. If I want to capture my desktop screen. 1st I go on desktop.
  • Then see for the Print-Screen button on the key-board (This button is in the right with the other button like scroll lock, num-lock )
  • After going on that screen which you need Press this print-screen button.
  • Then work is done. Then afterwards open paint application
  • If you are not getting paint option then go like this....
  • Click on Start button (left corner on your screen) >> All programs >> Accessories >> paint  If you still don't find paint then go in run (Start -> Run) Type "mspaint" (without quotes)
  • Afterward opening paint Right Click then paste you will see the screen got pasted in paint then just save it as you,format etc as you wish
  • Shortcut button to paste is "ctrl + v " and to save is "ctrl + s" use this to make it easier and faster to complete work
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You can use this screen shot to explain, tell, show them practically so use it and u can even set it as desktop background..well I have kept Facebook screen shot as my desktop background...
Enjoy and wait for my next post

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